National and International Press News on the Day of The Passing Of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

When Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of our country, our Great Leader, passed away on November 10, 1938, he had deplored not only us but the whole world. Because, in his short life, he managed to gain the respect of the world as a whole with his characteristics as well as his achievements and vision in addition to his military identity. That is why newspapers around the world have made headlines expressing their sorrow for his death; politics and scientists expressed their mourning with sentences to be engraved in history. We also wanted to share the news in the national and international press in the 81st anniversary of the death of our father, in the form of a stance of respect for his existence. Here is the news on the day of the death of our Great Leader Atatürk!

“The Turkish people have lost their saviour and father.”

Neue Freie Presse from the Austrian press.

“Atatürk is the greatest miracle of the twentieth century.”

National Tidence from the Danish press.

“Turkey’s international reputation, prestige and authority has risen relentlessly. Ataturk is the only statesman who can only serve for his country that great in such a short time.”

La Libre Belgique from the French press.

“What Atatürk did is not one that humankind can do easily. He was a completely different person.”

Al-Misri from the Egyptian press.

“Those who claim that the Islamic world has lost the power to raise great people should remember Atatürk and be ashamed.”

Because of Atatürk’s death, the Iranian Royal Palace and the government declared official mourning for a month. Tehran from the Iranian press.

“We Chinese, we all participate in the mourning. Because of the death of the beloved great leader of a great nation’s leaves a huge gap not only for Turkey but also in our continent and the whole world.”

Chinese press.

“The people are mourning. The military hero Ataturk has created a gigantic republic.”

The New York Times from the US press.

“With the death of Atatürk, a powerful personality, which was the primary factor in the development of the Near East, was lost.”

La Tribuna from the Italian press.

“England salutes the great man whom first we know as a brave and noble enemy and then as a loyal friend.”

Sunday Times from the UK press.

“Our nation is bowed with grieving respect to the greatest Turk.”

From the Romanian press.

“His death is also an immeasurable loss for the world.”

From the Soviet press.

“If history had a heart, would be jealous of Mustafa Kemal.”

Tchang Yang Yee Pan from Chinese press.

“The Turkish Nation! The greatest Turkish Atatürk died! In the face of his great soul that has reached eternity, once again vow to be the eternal guardian of the Republic, which is entrusted by him! Our father is dead. Long live the Republic!”

Newspaper from the national press.

“You have lost your saviour and your greatest son! Long live the Turkish nation!”

Ulus newspaper from the national press.

“We lost our father! Our great chief Atatürk died yesterday morning!”

Tan newspaper from the national press.

“You do not die, Ataturk! Your death means the death of the sense of honour, love of freedom, honour and love of the heroes of freedom in this nation.”

“On these days when you were the last-minute guest of the people, the army and the youth on the earth, it was obvious that you lived more than all living things. You are the one who is now. You are bigger than your greatness.”

Dünya newspaper from the national press.

“The Turkish Nation! You have lost your Savior and oldest son. Thank you! Your biblical duty is to keep and keep His work alive.”

Aksam newspaper from the national press.

“The Turkish nation lost the Great Chief, the great son of humanity. Long live the Turkish nation who has sworn to obey his memory forever!”

Son Posta from the national press.

“Amazing and attractive person. Great as a soldier, but bigger as a statesman.”

The Japan Times from the Japanese press

“After saving his homeland from a disintegration, he did not ask for a throne from his nation after taking his ship to a safe harbour. He was literally a great man, a unique genius, a heroic soldier and politician.

“He devoted his life to the happiness of his nation, and he closed his eyes to life at a young age.”

Elifba from the Syrian press.


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