An Amazing Event Suggestions for Those Who Will Spend the Holidays in Istanbul: Traditional Afternoon Tea Time

The best time of the year to visit Istanbul is the holidays. You will have way more time than usual to visit the magnificent structures which smell like history while the population and traffic of the city with its seven hills have decreased to a great extent.

Whether you are living in Istanbul or visiting this delightful city for the holidays, if you want to enjoy spending time, you can attend the Traditional Afternoon Tea Time event that is held in the historical atmosphere of Pera Palace Hotel Kubbeli Lounge. Let’s have a look at the details of this special event that you can attend any day of the week.

The Host of the First Tea Hours in Istanbul

Pera Palace Hotel has a history of approximately 130 years and has been witnessing the ancient history of Istanbul since the first day it opened its gates. The Kubbeli Lounge welcomes guests of the hotel from all over the world graciously, especially artists.

This particular area that is located at the entrance of the hotel with high ceilings and wooden floors can be considered the pioneer of teatime events in Istanbul’s history. Just like the first New Year’s Eve ball and the first painting exhibition in the city, the first English-style afternoon teatime was held at Pera Palace Hotel. In the Kubbeli Lounge, which is on the 2023 Michelin Guide Recommended Restaurants list, tea events continue to be held under the name of Traditional Afternoon Tea Time.

There is no doubt that the scrumptious delicacies offered as an open buffet at the event are carefully prepared to appeal to both your palate and your eyes. The menu includes homemade jams, marmalades and cookies, mini cakes, sandwiches, and canapés, in addition to freshly brewed tea options. English scones are also among the specialties of the lovely tea break at the hotel. During the Traditional Afternoon Tea Time event, beautiful piano melodies flowing in the magnificent atmosphere of the Kubbeli Lounge accompany you to touch your soul.

The Place in the Heart of Istanbul

The Traditional Afternoon Tea Time event held at Pera Palace Hotel between 15.00-18.00 every day attracts great attention thanks to the hotel’s central location. The location of the hotel, which is on Meşrutiyet Street, is very close to the tourist locations in the range, especially İstiklal Street, Beyoğlu and Galata Tower. Furthermore, you can easily reach the hotel with your private vehicle, as well as all public transportation vehicles such as buses, subways, and minibuses.

If you would like to visit every inch of Istanbul during the holiday, you can start the day by visiting the fascinating buildings of the European Side and enjoy your time in the historical place when it is 15.00. You will be ready to continue your tour after you had intriguing conversations, feasts and rests with sunlight that is coming through the broad windows of the Kubbeli Lounge.

It is not possible to visit Pera Palace Hotel and not have a look at room 101, where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk often stayed and even hosted his important guests. Especially if you are traveling with your children, you can add the Atatürk Museum Room, which bears traces of the national struggle and exhibits some of the Great Leader’s personal belongings, to your list of places to visit. You can visit the museum room any day of the week between 10:00-11:00 and 15:00-16:00.

The Best Holiday Gift You Can Give to Your Loved Ones

Taking a sip from your tea at the Kubbeli Lounge of Pera Palace Hotel, which is home to the unmatched memory of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, is an exclusive experience that you will never forget and most likely keep bring it up in the conversations you will have in the future. If you would like to give a thoughtful holiday gift to your loved ones, you can let them have this special experience. In this way, you can spend a lovely time chatting with them while enjoying scrumptious teas and treats.

You may want to hurry up both for hotel reservations and for Traditional Afternoon Tea Time reservations, as there can be a lot of requests during the holidays. You can continue to feel the privilege of being a guest at Pera Palace Hotel, one of the most crucial symbols of the city, witnessing the history of Istanbul closely and tasting the unique flavors in the Kubbeli Lounge, even way after your visit.


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