Istanbul’s Historical 7 Hills and Famous Buildings On That Hills

When it comes to Istanbul, the first discourse that comes to mind is the “seven-hilly city”. In fact, this term has been the subject of many poems, novels and series. Is Istanbul built on seven hills? There are many hills in this beautiful city. However, old Istanbul was actually built on the seven hills, as mentioned. That is accurately why Istanbul is called a seven-hills city. Here are the seven hills of Istanbul and the historical buildings on it!

1. Topkapi Palace Hill

The first of the hills of Istanbul is Topkapi Palace Hill, also known as Sarayburnu Hill. That is the most central location of the city in Old Istanbul. Topkapi Palace is located at the top point of the hill. The historical buildings on Topkapı Palace Hill are Hagia Sophia Museum, Blue Mosque, Milion Stone, Little Hagia Sophia Mosque, Istanbul Archeology Museum, Basilica Cistern, Cagaloglu Bath, Sirkeci Railway Station, Bukoleon Palace.

2. Cemberlitas Hill


Cemberlitas, also known as Nuruosmaniye Hill, is one of the hills on where ancient Istanbul was founded. The hill is named after the Nuruosmaniye Complex. Other historical buildings here include Firuzağa Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Binbirdirek Cistern, Cemberlitas Bath, Çorlulu Ali Paşa Mosque and madrasah, Çinili Han, Egyptian Bazaar.

3. Beyazıt Hill


One of the unknown hills of Istanbul is Beyazıt Hill. Beyazıt Hill is also named after Beyazıt Mosque. Historic buildings on the hill can be listed as Istanbul University, Süleymaniye Complex, Mimar Sinan Tomb and Zeyrek Mosque.

4. Fatih Hill

Fatih Hill is known as the highest hill in Istanbul. For this reason, it was considered as a critical point for both the Byzantines and the Ottomans in ancient times. There is Fatih Mosque and Complex on the hill.

5. Yavuz Selim Hill


One of the unknown hills of Istanbul is Yavuz Sultan Hill. The historical buildings on the hill are Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque, Fethiye Mosque and Fener Greek Patriarchate.

6. Edirnekapi Hill

Edirnekapı Hill is one of the hills on which Istanbul is founded. It is located in Edirnekapi district. There are important historical buildings such as Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, Tekfur Palace and Kariye Museum.

7. Kocamustafapaşa Hill

The last of the hills of Istanbul is Kocamustafapaşa Hill. It is distinguished from other hills by its geographical location and has historical buildings such as Haseki Complex and Imaret, Haseki Sultan Mosque and Bayrampaşa Masjid.


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