Traditional Afternoon Tea At Kubbeli Lounge

Everyday, 15.00 - 18.00

Pera Palace Hotel, which has stood with its splendor for 130 years in front of the most impressive views of Istanbul, is also the place where the first tea hours are held in Istanbul. Welcoming guests with the floating daylight from its dome, The Kubbeli Lounge hosts the traditional Afternoon Tea accompanied by the delightful piano melodies and very special delicacies in the Kubbeli Lounge between 15.00 and 18.00 every day of the week.


Pera Palace Hotel “Kubbeli Lounge” is on the Michelin Guide

We are delighted to announce that the historical and iconic Pera Palace Hotel “Kubbeli Lounge” took its place in the Michelin’s Guide’s recommended restaurants list.

We would like to thank our Chef Uğur Alparslan and congratulations to our precious Kubbeli Lounge service team.

For Reservations: +90 212 377 4000
Entrance: 1250 TL

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