8 Tips to Make a Good Cake

Making a Cake is one of the most enjoyable things. The happiness of the cake is valid for both who makes it and eats it. Well, is it hard to make a good cake on our own? Here are eight tips for making good cakes.

How is the basis of the cake, sponge cake prepared?


When we talk about the cake, the first thing comes to our mind is sponge cake. Because sponge cake is one of the critical building blocks that keep the cake both physically and delectably. Sponge cake should be pretty puffed, fatless and its inside must be spongy. It is also possible that the sponge cake could be bought as a convenience food, but we will make our cake ourselves! Basically, the materials of sponge cake should be kept at room temperature, i.e., at 19 degrees. White egg yolk and yellow yolk should be whisked separately, then mixing process should be started. During mixing with other ingredients, the wooden spoon or spatula should be used instead of the blender.

How to use carbonate and baking powder?

Baking powder contains cream tartar, starch, and carbonate. Carbonate acts when mixed with an acid-containing substance then forming carbon dioxide bubbles. In this way, the cake is puffed. If both are used, baking powder is used for embossing as the name suggests, while carbonate is used for the acid ratio. So if lemon juice, yogurt is not included in the recipe, baking powder can be used.

What should be considered in the cake ingredient?


Firstly, the pastry ingredients to be used must be fresh. The dimensions must be adhered to. Sometimes even the size of something written in the recipe is essential. Consequently, it should be made by being loyal to the method.

How should we use dry ingredients?

Dry ingredients such as flour or baking powder should be taken into attention when making a cake. The components can be added to the cake bowl after being whisked in separate bowls. When the flour is whisked, note should be taken that it should be creamy, not in a rubbery form.

How to use Cake Pans?


Another critical issue is the use of cake pans. Attention should be given to the pan dimensions that provided in the recipe. Cake pans with clamp are very suitable for this purpose. The container should be neither large nor small. In this way, the cake is neither small nor spilled over the pan. Before cooking, the pot must be lubricated with butter. It should then be lightly floured. Baking paper can also be used by being cautious not to create floor marks. Try not to use Aluminum foil. If it is used, the bright part should not touch the cake mixture, and it should be paid attention that the cake mortar does not fill the pan. There should be a space of ¼.

How should the oven be set?

Setting the oven is very critical when making a sponge cake. The sponge cake is generally cooked in a pre-heated oven and is cooked 10 to 20 degrees lower than other types of cakes. The average degree of preparing the sponge cake is 170- 180 degrees.  When baking the sponge cake, it should be ensured that the lid is not opened at all for 20- 25 minutes.

Is the sponge cake removed from the oven immediately after cooking?

If you use baking paper, you can remove it immediately after cooking; this is possible. But be careful not to do that. Make it rest a little bit. After baking sponge cake leave the oven lid open and allow the oven’s temperature to equal to the room’s. After making sure it is cool, cover it with stretch film and let it hold in the refrigerator for one day.

How is the cake shaped? How to decorate it?


After holding the cake for a day, you can start to decorate it by using cream types such as buttercream, whipped cream, ganache, and chocolate cream. Before you begin, you must carefully separate the sponge layers. If the top slice is cambering, gently shave and soak with little milk or water. You should be sure that the cream is not cold and it is not multi-layered. If the fruit is used, you should make sure that its water is drained, fresh and not damaged. If you are going to put the nuts, you have to sort them out carefully. You should also make sure that the cream is not on all sides and it shows itself slightly. When decorating the cake, you should use a long and wide spatula. You can beautify the top of the cake with chocolate, pearls, fruit and small cake decorations. Remember to understand the meaning and importance of the day – birthdays, special occasions, etc. – as much as the pleasure you have during the decoration process!


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