8 Things To Know About Mike Hammer

In 1953, Refik Erduran, Ertem Eğilmez, and Haldun Sel co-founded Çağlayan Publishing. Caglayan Publishing House, in those years, began to publish colorful and film-like squares illustration, pocketbook sizes, affordable and fashionable novels. One of these books was a detective novel, written by American writer Mickey Spillane and translated by Kemal Tahir under the second pseudonym F.M.  “Kanun Benim”(I, the Jury). After Kemal Tahir, one of the master writer of our literature, introduced the novel, the work took considerable attention, and it sold more than 100.000 copies in a short time!

Our country’s interest in detective novels was very high in that period. Mike Hammer’s adventures have entered almost every home and every library! Maybe some of you still keep its old publications in the library… In this article, we will give some information about the legend of Mike Hammer, which will bring nostalgia to many people. Here’s the info you don’t know about Mike Hammer!


  1. The first “Detective Mike Hammer” novel (originally named I, the Jury), was written in 1946 by Mickey Spillane.

Mickey Spillane later wrote more than 12 Mike Hammer novels.


  1. The Mike Hammer series has attracted attention all over the world and was at the top by selling 100 million copies.

Killing Man, Girl Hunters and One Lonely Night are one of Mickey Spillane’s best-selling Mike Hammer series novels.


  1. Some of the Mike Hammer series novels were filmed, and some were adapted to television series.
  1. Kemal Tahir translated the first story of Mike Hammer with the name “Kanun Benim” (I, the Jury) into Turkish.

Kemal Tahir, one of the most important names of our literature, has translated it in a way that reflects the real character of Mike Hammer.


  1. Kanun Benim(I, the Jury) was published by Çağlayan Publications in 1954 and sold over 100 thousand copies.

The other four translations of the Mike Hammer novels have again taken their place among the best sellers.


  1. Mike Hammer’s novels took more attention in our country than in the world. Even this series was so much loved that when the author stopped writing, our local writers continued production.

Between 1954 and 1962, around 300 domestic Mike Hammer stories were published. This era has opened by Kemal Tahir’s compelling writing style and expression.


  1. The adaptation of Mike Hammer’s novels with the F.M. pseudonym of Kemal Tahir; Derini Yüzeceğim, Ecel Saat, Kara Nara, and Kıran Kırana.

According to the publishing principle, the publisher of Kemal Tahir has published these adapted novels under the title of “Mike Hammer’s New Adventures” and “Author: F. M. second.”


  1. In the same period, Kemal Tahir was content with four adapted books because of the fact that different publishers also printed Mike Hammer books, which were adapted to many authors by their aliases.

But with the help of a path he opened, he was instrumental in writing hundreds of adapted Mike Hammer books.


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