Top 12 Books To Read From Crime Fiction Novelist Ahmet Ümit

Ahmet Umit, who is one of the first writers to come to mind when we mention crime fiction genre, and can already be said to have an entire corpus of the works he wrote in the crime fiction genre. The famous writer, born in 1960 in Gaziantep, studied politics in Moscow between 1985 and 1986 and entered the world of literature for the first time with his poems published in 1989. The writer, who does not abstain from giving many different kinds of works such as comics, detective novels, stories, fairy tales, etc., has succeeded in accomplishing similar achievements in all of them due to his powerful style. In this article, we have gathered the Ahmet Ümit books which should be read for the crime novel enthusiasts. Here are 12 books to read from Ahmet Umit!

1. A Memento For Istanbul

One of the most popular novels of Ahmet Ümit, A Memento For Istanbul is a thrilling historical journey from Byzantion to Istanbul. The book is a composition of seven monarchs, seven ancient spaces, seven mysterious events, and one real truth.

2. Beyoglu Rhapsody

Beyoğlu Rapsodisi

Beyoglu Rhapsody where three friend’s stories are displayed, the saga is shaping around three different characters, and of course in the story, there are deaths with mysterious causes and deaths starts with immortality sense of wonder. During the investigation, the reader has the opportunity to visit Beyoğlu step by step. If you haven’t yet read the breathtaking Beyoğlu Rhapsody, we recommend you to read it.

3. Puppet

Two half-brothers, Dogan and the former journalist Adnan are looking for the meaning of life in alcohol. Then, the plots, murders, conspiracies follow each other which ruins their lives. The book that examines secret organizations, idealist young people, a kind of deep state that can not be fully understood, can be considered as Ergenekon Organization’s novel, written before it was exposed.

4. Farewell, My Beautiful Motherland

Farewell, My Beautiful Motherland depicts the story of İttihak and Terakki member Şehsuvar Sami straddling between her homeland and the woman she loves during the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and establishing of the New Turkish Republic. In the novel, the main question pending for the reader is “State is sacred or is it human?”. The book consists of 45 letters written by Şehsuvar Sami to his ex-lover Ester, whom he could not forget despite their separation. In the novel, Şehsuvar Sami is staying in Pera Palace Hotel.

Ahmet Ümit

5. Patasana

Patasana, a novel by Ahmet Umit, takes place in an excavation in an ancient Hittite city near Gaziantep. The main subjects of the book are; 300 years old tablets, murders starting with the exploration of the tablets, and confessions of clerk Patasana. This delightful novel is glamorization of the rich culture of this land.

6. The Tribe

Another example of Ahmet Ümit’s unique pen, The Tribe is a detective novel to be read in a single breath. This time the famous writer takes the reader away from the places we are used to reading in his books and brings them to different geographies.

7. Fog and Night

Fog and Night is the story of a young girl who suddenly disappears and an MIT(Turkish Intelligence Service) official who is looking for the girl she loves. Forbidden love, plots inside the intelligence organization and more! The impressive novel that draws colorful people portraits from contemporary Istanbul passes through the dark streets in a gasp.

8. When Pera Trees Whisper

beyoglunun en guzel abisi

One of the most prominent novels of Ahmet Ümit, When Pera Trees Whisper is focusing on a murder on the New Year’s Eve. A male corpse is found in the back streets of Tarlabaşı and an embarrassing fact that reveals dark secrets. If you have not yet read this fascinating novel, we recommend you to read to witness the sad story of Beyoğlu which is the most popular place in Istanbul.

9. To Kill a Sultan

An epic adventure back in time to the exciting days of victory and treason when the Ottoman state became a global empire. The book tells the story of a man who has been waiting for years for one woman, his life wasted on one grandiose love and a series of murders that revolve around him.

10. A Voice Divides the Night

In A Voice Divides the Night, a mystical thriller, an exciting story is dealt with. A car was crashing to the wall of a village cemetery on a dark night … A huge Djemevi in the middle of a deserted village. A grave was missing its guest and a dead man waiting to be cleaned at the Cem ceremony …

11. The Dervish Gate


In The Dervish Gate which is one of the most remarkable works of Ahmet Ümit, the relationship between Mevlana and Shams is related to an unusual murder. In the book, today’s material universe was blended with the truth seeker seven hundred years ago.

12. Bracelet of Ninatta

Bracelet of Ninatta reminds us of Patasana, again an Ahmet Ümit novel at first glance. The first great empire in the heart of Anatolia: The Hittite country… The eagerness of power-hungry rulers for land. A history penned in blood. Kadesh, the first great war in history. A hopeless longing. A young woman who encounters love as a sin. People denounced by Gods. A man who pays for his curse through war. A cruel world, two people whose love takes refuge in a rambling castle… And a 3300 years old love story written on tablets…


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