10 Must-Visit Bookstores in Istanbul

Bookstores are places where book addicts disappear among book smells. When it comes to Istanbul, there are dozens of select bookstores with a nostalgic and unique texture. If you say, “The pleasure of reading books begins in bookstores!” and if you are looking for the best bookstores in Istanbul, continue reading our article.

Pandora Bookstore

Opened in 1991 in Beyoğlu, Pandora Bookstore has a total of four branches together with Beyoğlu. The shop on Valikonagi Street is bright and spacious. It is possible to find new books upstairs and foreign language books upstairs.

Address: Halaskargazi, Vali Konagi Caddesi, No: 5, 34371 Sisli / Istanbul

Kohen Bookstore

The journey of Kohen Bookstore, one of the oldest in Beyoğlu, begins in 1918. Founded by Eliza Cohen and Mazalto Cohen, this bookstore was first referred to as the Kohen Nurses Library. Kohen Bookstore has been replaced many times over the years. After 1964, it continues to operate in its current location. Today, you can reach countless sources here.

Address: Asmalı Mescit, Tunnel Crossing, 2 / A (Tunnel Passage No: 13), 34430 Beyoğlu / İstanbul

6:45 Dukkan

One of the cult publishers, 6:45, in its shop in Moda, presents essays, philosophy, fantastic fiction and sci-fi books. Here you can take a sweet stroll through the back streets of local and foreign literature.

Address: Caferağa, Dr. Esat Isik Caddesi, No: 40, 34710 Kadikoy / Istanbul

Kırmızı Kedi Kitabevi

Kırmızı Kedi has branches in many parts of Istanbul. But our suggestion is to go to the Kırmızı Kedi in the Tunnel. As soon as you step into this small but very charming bookstore, you are filled with great energy. Kırmızı Kedi’s branch at Tunnel Square has everything you need for the world and Turkish literature. There are even so many choices inside, and you can forget what you’re coming for! ☺

Address: Tunnel Square Street, No: 2, Beyoglu / Istanbul

Gergedan Bookstore

With a small but charming shop, the Rhinoceros is on Baghdad Street. Gergedan takes its name from the magazine Gergedan, where Enis Batur was the editor of the magazine. Staff and bookstore owners are quite warm people. If you like small, intimate and boutique bookstores instead of chain bookstores, we say that you should stop by Gergeran.

Address: Caddebostan, Bağdat Caddesi, 268 / A, 34738, Kadıköy / İstanbul

Robinson Crusoe 389 Bookstore

Robinson Crusoe 389, located in Beyoğlu, has been in service since 1994. It is possible to find all kinds of local and foreign books except textbooks. Besides, unique design postcards and notebooks are also available here.

Address: SALT Beyoğlu, İstiklal Street, 136/1, 34433 Beyoğlu / İstanbul

Denizler Bookstore

Denizler Bookstore, which has been serving in Beyoğlu since 1993, focuses not only on books. It is also possible to find precious antiquities such as ancient maps and rare books. We strongly recommend you to visit this place which is primarily focused on history and maritime topics.

Address: Istiklal Street, No: 199 / A, 34433 Beyoglu / Istanbul

Nail Bookstore

Nail Bookstore is an enjoyable place in Üsküdar. Here you can sip your coffee while getting lost in the books; You can sit in comfortable seats. Nail Kitabevi is located in an old building in Kuzguncuk, in a neighbourhood as peaceful as itself.

Address: Kuzguncuk Mahallesi, Icadiye Caddesi, No: 32, 34674 Uskudar / Istanbul

Homer Bookstore

Homer Bookstore, which started to serve in Yeni Carsi Street since 1995, offers both English and Turkish publications. Homer focuses mainly on archaeology and history. Here you will be able to find books in many areas such as archaeology, history, Byzantine history, the history of Turkey, photos and philosophy.

Address: Tomtom, Yeni Carsi Street, No: 52, 34433, Beyoglu / Istanbul

Minoa Bookstore

Minoa is located in Akaretler, a popular spot for those who love to drink coffee and get lost in the books. This shop has a very successful selection; magazines, books, independent publications, special editions and comics.

Address: Visnezade, Suleyman Seba Street, 52 / A, 34357, Besiktas / Istanbul


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