Top 8 Important Festivals Around The World In 2020

For those who love to have fun, learn and travel, a new year means dozens of new festivals. Because no matter where you are, it is not possible to participate in a festival and not have fun and enjoy! As every year, there are so many festivals waiting for you to participate all over the world this year! So what are these festivals that host wonderful scenes such as colourful streets, crowded groups of friends, happy people? Here are some of the important festivals in the world that will attract hundreds of thousands in 2020!


Coachella, United States

United States

The Coachella festival, which draws the attention of the world every year and welcomes participants from all over the world, is one of the festivals that will bring together thousands of people in Indio Desert in April 2020. Organized by spreading over two weeks every year, Coachella will be held in 2020 between 10-12 and 17-19 April. You can experience camping in the desert accompanied by sleeping bags, tents and interesting decorations at this festival. More importantly, you can watch famous DJ performances in unique outfits.


Fuji Rock Festival, Japan


One of the remarkable festivals of 2020 is an alternative rock music festival on the outskirts of Fuji, a volcanic mountain. Fuji Rock Festival will be held in Niigata, Japan, from 21-24 July. Tickets, which are priced separately for each day, will go on a sale in February. If you do not consider the summer months as the sea, the sun and the beaches, you can turn your route into this fascinating festival.


EXIT Festival, Serbia


Serbia, famous for its festivals, will bring together hundreds of thousands again in July 2020! Serbia hosts the EXIT Festival, famous for its music and light shows, in Novi Sad. The festival, where you can enjoy the sea, sun and sand while having fun, will be held between July 9-12. You can stay in a tent or daily houses and hotels in the city centre for the event will be held in Petrovaradin Castle.


Sziget Festival, Hungary


The Sgizet Music Festival, which is held in August every year in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, will be carried out between August 5-11 this year. Tickets are already on sale for the five-day festival. Spreading over a large forest area on the Danube River, the festival is stunning in every aspect!


Burning Man Festival, USA


If we say Burning Man is the most vocational festival in the world, this statement will not be an exaggeration. Burning Man, another desert festival that draws attention all over the world, just like Coachella, has been organized since 1986. The festival, held in the Black Desert, has been raining style, music and culture every year since. Burning Man is scheduled to take place between August 30 and September 7 this year. It is necessary to buy tickets that are on sale as of January, as early as possible!


Oktoberfest, Germany


Oktoberfest is undoubtedly one of the expected festivals of 2020! Entrance to the celebrations for the festival held in Munich, Germany is free! You only need to pay for food, accommodation. The festival, which should be held between September 19 and October 4 this year, will bring together locals and tourists who enjoy a beer in their traditional clothes!


Rio Carnival, Brazil


The Rio Carnival, which first appeared in the 1900s and has light up the world since then, is celebrated in Rio de Janeiro, the capital of samba. You need to hurry to buy tickets for the carnival, which is planned to be held between February 21-26 in 2020. Exotic costumes, crazy dancers and quiet rhythms will give you an unforgettable experience!


Thailand Water Festival (Songkran), Thailand


The Water Festival, also known as Songkran, is planned to be held on April 13-15 in 2020 on Phuket Island. In the festival, where the Buddha statues are washed with sacred ceremonies and thus believed to be the souls are cleansed, everyone is getting wet! Also, by participating in this ritual, which symbolizes the arrival of the Thai New Year, you can get a water gun in your hand and get rid of the burden of the past. Let’s not forget that participation in street events is free.

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