10 Must-Visit Holiday Resorts On the Aegean Coast!

Turkey is a paradise in many different ways. But the Aegean region has a different place, especially in summer times. In the Aegean coasts, there are hundreds of beautiful coves and resorts. If we visit the one, we will regret not to visit another one! Here are ten-holiday destinations that you must visit on the Aegean coast.


Fethiye, Muğla


Geographically belongs to the Mediterranean Region, but since the city of Muğla is a part of the Aegean Region, Fethiye which is a district of Muğla is considered to be part of Aegean Region. Fethiye is one of the best leisure points in Aegean coastline. Turkey’s considerable beaches are located here. When you stay in hotels in Fethiye, there are many different beach options. With its magnificent beauty and turquoise colour, Oludeniz and Belcekiz are among the famous beaches of the district. Butterflies Valley and Kabak Cove are also two of the places to be discovered here. And this place is perfect for adventurers. There are many sports options such as horse riding, diving, rowing, river rafting and paragliding. It is also possible to swim in the beautiful beaches by joining the boat tours.


Palamutbükü, Datça

 Located in the Datça, one of the heavenly location of the Aegean coast, Palamutbükü is a favourite place with its less population, magnificent sea and freshest air. This bay has a long and stony beach, and there are two villages where olives and almonds are grown. Located 25 kilometres away from the centre of Datca, Palamutbükü is a great choice where you can get away from the noise of the city in the best way.


Dikili, Izmir Province


Located in the north of Izmir, Dikili does not have excessive tourist density. The reason for this is that it is a region where people living in and around Izmir have summer houses. Crater lakes, villages, caves and the ancient city of Pergamum are among the must-see when you come to the region.


Ayvalik, Balikesir


Ayvalik is located in Balikesir, has magnificent beaches. One of the prominent among these beaches is the Sarımsaklı Beach famous for its cold water. Ayvalık also has 22 islands. Among these islands, Alibey Island and Cunda Island are very important for sea tourism. When you come to Ayvalik, there are places to visit such as Şeytan Sofrası and Ayvalık Sacred Ground. And of course, when you come here, do not forget to eat Ayvalik toast!


Turunc, Mugla

 Located in the Bozburun Peninsula of Marmaris, Turunç is a peaceful place. It is possible to have a calm and peaceful holiday in this unspoiled nature. This charming town, which usually visited by foreign tourists, is filled with green and on the banks of the blue sea. When you come here, don’t forget to visit Kumlubük, Amos Bay and Amos Ancient City.


Bodrum, Mugla Province


Bodrum is one of the best-known places in the Aegean Region. Bodrum has many different features to offer its visitors. Some of the resorts delight the visitors with its magnificent sea and some of the resorts with nightlife and hotel facilities. While some parts of Bodrum are overly commercialized, it is possible to find boutique alternatives. Places where you can find boutique service; Güvercinlik, Yalıçiftlik, Yalıkavak, Ortakent, Gümüşlük and Turgutreis.


Didim, Aydin

 Didim, one of the famous seaside towns of the Aegean Region, stands out with Altinkum Beach. This blue flag beach has fine sand and clear water. The only bad thing about this place is that it’s windy at times. If you don’t like the wind, this place may not be the right choice for you. Besides, many historical artefacts come to the fore. Among the most important ones is the Temple of Apollo, which was a prophecy centre in ancient times.


Alacati, Izmir


Alaçatı is a town of Çeşme, İzmir. This place has become popular in recent years. Although Alaçatı has recently come up with its exorbitant prices, it is still a place to be preferred for its atmosphere and beauty. This resort, which has an immaculate beach, is quite windy. Therefore, it is possible to surf in surf schools. Also, let us remind you that the sea water here is cold. If you want a warmer place near this area, you can go to Ilica.


Bozburun Restaurant Reviews, Mugla

 One of the hidden treasures of the Aegean, Bozburun is located within the borders of Marmaris. If you are looking for calm and tranquillity, this is definitely your place. Bozburun, which stands out with its unspoiled nature, clean air and virgin bays, has a population of 2,000 people. At the same time, ten ancient cities can attract the attention of history enthusiasts.


Hayıtbükü, Mugla Province

 Hayıtbükü, peaceful place and a village of its own, is situated next to Palamutbükü. It is possible to go to Ovabükü, which is another beauty. Also, when you arrive here, do not forget to watch the sun from Adatepe, make a feast of fish, buy honey-almonds, visit the ancient city of Knidos.

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