Spectacular Locations to Host Movie Shoots in the Iconic City of Istanbul!

When Istanbul is mentioned, what comes to mind are fascinating historical places, unique districts, impressive works, and places, especially the Galata Tower and Maiden’s Tower, which have witnessed legends. This beautiful city, which has taken its place in the dusty scene of history from past to present, is at the forefront of the cities where the TV series and film industry also reside. If you are wondering where are the places you see and admire in movies, this article is for you! Here are the amazing venues that can host movie shoots in Istanbul!


1. Journey Through The Pages of History: Balat


Balat, one of the nostalgic districts of Istanbul, with its colorful streets, historical houses, steep slopes, and authentic venues, provides the backdrop for a wonderful movie. In Balat, a favorite of foreign and domestic tourists; You can find mosques, churches, and synagogues. Balat, which has hosted different cultures, is one of the districts where TV series and movies are shot most frequently. As soon as you enter the district, you can feel yourself in a time warp and get lost in the impressive atmosphere of the district. You can remember the streets with historical houses restored by UNESCO from the Çukur series.


2. To Rest Your Soul: Beykoz

Beykoz, which hosts TV series and movie shootings with the Kundura Factory, is among the favorites of the Anatolian Side. The settlement in Beykoz, which offers suitable environments due to its quiet settlement, dates back to ancient times. The district, which has historical mansions, is known for having hosted the hunting lodges of viziers and sultans during the Ottoman Empire. Beykoz, dominated by the Black Sea and Mediterranean climate, offers a magnificent view where blue and green meet. You can add Beykoz to your list to have a fascinating journey in Istanbul.


3. The Heart of Istanbul: Beyoğlu


Beyoğlu, the heart of Istanbul, takes you on a wonderful journey with its historical streets and Galata Tower, on which legends are written. Yeşilçam Street, which gives its name to Turkish cinema, and Beyoğlu, which is home to movies and TV series with its nostalgic venues, are flooded by local and foreign tourists every year. Istiklal Street, Taksim Square, Cihangir, and many other special places that are frequented by TV series and movies can be on your must-see list in Istanbul. You can climb the Galata Tower and enjoy the most beautiful panoramic view of Istanbul, and you can feel yourself in a historical movie while walking around Çiçek Pasajı.


4. The House of the Maiden’s Tower: Üsküdar

You can easily add Üsküdar, which hosts the fascinating neighborhoods of Istanbul on the shore of the Bosphorus, to your itinerary. Üsküdar, which arouses admiration with its historic mansions and residences, baths, mosques, and palaces, is also a natural plateau for movies. You can also take magnificent photos in Üsküdar, which is the inspiration for the colorful houses with bay windows of the famous Kuzguncuk District. You can choose Üsküdar to watch the Maiden’s Tower and the immense beauty of the Bosphorus.


A Unique Place Witnessing the Pages of History: Pera Palace Hotel


There are some places that contain the whole story of the city in which they are located. Pera Palace Hotel is one of these places. Pera Palace Hotel, which has an ancient story, is among the important symbols of Turkey, hosting famous names that have made a name for themselves in history and breaking new grounds in the history of architecture. Pera Palace has witnessed countless stories; Due to its unique architecture, historical texture, and the intersection of East and West, it becomes a focal point in movies and TV series. You can often see Pera Palace Hotel on the screens, from Yeşilçam Cinema to today’s modern projects.

Banker Bilo, who brought Şener Şen and İlyas Salman together; Starring Zeki Alasya and Metin Akpınar in the lead roles, the films of “Baş Belası” reflect the magic of Pera Palace Hotel in Yeşilçam. “Midnight at the Pera Palace”, the recently released Netflix series that locked the audience on the screen, takes you on a time travel. You can choose Pera Palace Hotel to feel the magic of time deeply, embark on a nostalgic journey and pamper yourself with a comfortable stay.

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