15 Quotes From Prominent Names About Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Think of such a person that even his enemies remember him with respect… The steps he took throughout his life, his educational approach and his unceasing revolutions helped him to be recognized with reverence in Turkey and all over the world. He succeeded all of these in such a short period. When the clock was pointing to 09.05 am on November 10th, 1938, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founding father of the Republic of Turkey has passed away.  His passing not only mourned by the Turkish nation; this was also grieving for those who are following science, enlightenment, love, and respect around the globe. Therefore, many years after the death of Ataturk, several prominent political leaders, writers, and many more well-known person has expressed his value in sentences. On 9 August 1929, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, stated the following words to the people who wondered his health and came to see him:


“Seeing me is not seeing my face. If you understand my ideas and my beliefs and if you are feeling it, that’s enough.”

As he mentioned above, the Turkish nation and the world understood and felt Ataturk’s views and ideas. Made him their guide without even seeing him. Here are 15 important people have spoken about our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk :


  1. “My sorrow has two parts; first, I am sorry for the whole world for losing such a great man. My second grief is that I have no longer the opportunity to meet this man even though I have a deep interest in meeting with him.” – Franklin Roosevelt / The President of the United States of America
  1. “Such a fundamental change in such a short time in a nation’s history is rarely accomplished… Those who have done this extraordinary work are undoubtedly entitled to have the character of the great man, and so Turkey can be proud to have such a great man.” – Eleftherios Venizelos / Prime Minister of Greece
  1. “This great man, not only for Turkey, he was a great leader for all eastern nations.” – Amanullah Khan / King of Afghanistan
  1. “Atatürk is such a person that he is not imaginary. He knows what he wants; he does what he knows, he does not wish something that he can not do.” – Heinrich Krippel
  1. “Mustafa Kemal is the heart of the new Turkey. He created a fresh, strong nation from an old, torn society, and proved himself to everyone with his unique personality, and convinced everyone with his energy.” – Ma Shao- Cheng / Writer (China)
  1. “Those who want to re-establish peace and well-being in the suffering world and to ensure the spiritual development of humanity not only materially, should take the example and power of Atatürk’s true and leading character.” Professor Herbert Melzig / Historian
  1. “His work with intelligent and peaceful methods will mark traces in the history of mankind.” – Albert Lebrun / President of France
  1. “I would like to remind you of a point to show a side of Kemal Atatürk’s character. He was telling a story about one of his battles. Suddenly he stopped and said; “You see … I’ve won many victories, but even after the greatest of them, I’m deeply grieved every night thinking about all the soldiers who died on the battlefields.” Can someone be amazed at the fact that such a great leader, other than his courage and his intelligence, has created miracles for his home?” – George Bennes / Vu Newspaper (1938)
  1. “Ataturk, has saved Turkey from the occupation of all enemies. This is that no heads of states have succeeded in our time.” – Völkischer Beobachter Newspaper (Germany)
  1. “He provided an environment full of freedom and strength that no other former generations have had before. His successes have made Turkey a European state, and he changed the history of near-east.” – Times / England
  1. “Atatürk is a modern and courageous leader who has not weakened his mind with archaic beliefs. For him, we can easily say that Ataturk, is the most potent statesman of Europe today, is undoubtedly the bravest and most original statesmen of our time.” Herbert Sideabotham / Writer (England)
  1. “Atatürk was a giant symbol of personality and talent. He was the man who created the most extraordinary story of the twentieth century.” – National Tidence Newspaper / Denmark
  1. “Atatürk was not only the Turkish nation but the leader of all the nations who fought for their freedom. Under his directives, you have gained your independence. We also walked that way to met our freedom.” – Sucheta Kripalani / Indian Parliamentary Council Leader
  1. “Creator of Turkey, the greatest man in history, I greet by bowing my head with the deepest respect.” Professor MORRF (Switzerland)
  1. “He was a unique statesman. With a free system that dictators could not tolerate, he did things that democracies could not achieve. In history, such men have written their signatures to the period they lived.” – Word Price (England)


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