10 Best Cafes In Istanbul To Spend A Good Time

Istanbul requires to spend a long time because of the abundance of beauties to visit. In other words, you can’t end up visiting this great city. One of the most pleasant things to do while visiting Istanbul is, of course, to sit somewhere; to relax and drink coffee. Because the city is full of cafes of different concept and grace, Istanbul cafes will make you disregard all your tiredness and will allow you to continue your trip with pleasure. So, what are the best cafes in Istanbul where you can have a good time? Here are ten must-see Istanbul cafes!


Dem Moda

Dem Moda http://mars-mimarlar.com/tr/proje/3047/Dem-Moda-

Dem, located in Moda, is a cafe that tea enthusiasts should see because the menu contains precisely 60 kinds of tea. The stimulating and capacious decor of the place is one of the features that make spending time here thoroughly enjoyable.

Address: Sair Nefi Sok., No: 9 / A, Caferaga Mah., Kadikoy




As its name suggests, FilBooks is a delightful book café in Karaköy. It’s not even just the cafe to book; A workshop in itself. Photo books that fill the shelves in the place that makes you feel comfortable with its simple design to add a real character to the environment. All these features make FilBooks one of the best cafes in Istanbul.

Address: Ali Pasha Degirmeni Sok., 1/1, Kemankes Karamustafa Pasa Mah., Beyoglu


Grandma Nisantasi

Grandma Nisantasihttps://gastromanya.com/nisantasinda-ne-yenir/

Grandma also has branches in different locations in Istanbul and is among the cafes where you can have an excellent time in Istanbul with its Nisantasi branch. After taking your tea or coffee, you will have a variety of cakes, pastries and delicious cookies in the dessert hall. The most important feature of these flavours is that it contains healthy options such as flour-free and fat-free!

Address: Ahmet Fetgari Sok., 38, Tesvikiye Mah., Sisli


Patisserie de Pera

Patisserie de Pera

Located in the heart of Pera Palace Hotel, Patisserie de Pera always welcomes you with its unique and unforgettable tastes. Patisserie de Pera continues to provide a nostalgic experience from past to present with its handmade chocolates, original French cakes and special Turkish delicacies. Patisserie de Pera helps you to make an unforgettable journey from the middle of modern times to the most precious times of the past and is preparing to make you part of a unique flavour.

Address: Mesrutiyet Cad., No: 52, Tepebasi Mah., Beyoglu


Minoa Cafe Bookstore

Minoa Cafe Bookstorehttps://tr.pinterest.com/pin/516717757221994683/

Located in Akaretler, Minoa is one of the Istanbul cafes where you can read books peacefully and enjoy your coffee. Minoa is a book café with its interior design, large kitchen and a vast library.

Address: Suleyman Seba Cad., 52 / A, Visnezade Mah., Besiktas


Mums Cafe

Mums Cafehttps://www.f12photography.com/mums-cafe

While spending time in the historical French Passage in Karaköy is a pleasure in itself, Mums Cafe makes this time even more meaningful. The place, which is famous for its home jams, has an amicable atmosphere with its decoration.

Address: French Passage Street, No: 1 / 16-17, Kemankes Karamustafa Pasa Mah., Beyoglu


Grandpa Coffee & Eatery

Grandpa Coffee & Eateryhttps://mekan.com/mekan/grandpa-coffee-eatery-bebek

Located right across from Bebek Park, Grandpa will fascinate you with its magnificent decor and menu. The elegant exterior decoration of the place makes it possible for people to take photos in front of them. You can experience the most beautiful coffee in Grandpa, and you will have a good time with different tastes.

Address: İnşirah Sok., No: 1A, Bebek Mah., Beşiktaş


MOC Nişantaşı

MOC Nişantaşı https://www.zomato.com/tr/istanbul/moc-i̇stanbul-nişantaşı-istanbul

MOC in Nişantaşı is one of the cafes where you can have an outstanding time in Istanbul. MOC prepares its delicious coffees with 12 different kinds of coffee beans from regions such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Panama and Kenya. It fascinates those who see it with its magnificent architecture.

Address: Sakayik Sok., No: 4 / A, Tesvikiye Mah., Sisli


La Patisserie Lune

La Patisserie Lune https://neyiyo.com/la-patisserie-lune-nisantasi-istanbul-5941/

Located in Nisantasi, La Patisserie Lune is a small and cosy place. Besides the delicious tea, coffee and cake varieties in the menu, the decoration of the place is so beautiful that it makes you feel like you are in a fairy tale.

Address: Akkavak Sok., 14, Tesvikiye Mah., Nisantasi


Date Patisserie

Date Patisserie


Date, which is a cute café in Nişantaşı, has a delicious display window in which desserts are changed every day. The compassionate staff and friendly atmosphere are other features that await you. As a matter of fact, you will never leave this beautiful place that you will visit just for a coffee break, and it is inevitable for you to enlist one of your favourite Istanbul cafes.

Address: Ihlamur Nisantasi Yolu Sok., No: 19 / A, Tesvikiye Mah., Sisli

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