Top 10 Tips About The Amazing Eastern Express In Turkey

Lately, there is an enjoyable activity regionally popular in Turkey; Traveling on the Eastern Express. Imagine a trip, lasts 24 hours, but it’s a pleasure. This experience, which has to be tried at least once in everyone’s life, is the most enjoyable way to reach Kars. If you are interested in the details of Eastern Express, please read this article.

What is the Eastern Express?

doğu ekspresi

Eastern Express is a long distance train service starting from Ankara and ending in Kars. The Eastern Express has taken its name from the east as it proceeds many cities through the east. Recently, it is the choice of those who want to travel cheaply, comfortably and with beautiful views.

What is the travel information for Eastern Express?

The Eastern Express departs every day of the week from Ankara and Kars. The train’s Ankara departure is at 18.00; Kars departure is at 08.00. The Eastern Express passes through Ankara, Kırıkkale, Kayseri, Sivas, Erzincan, Erzurum and Kars cities respectively. The times through the intermediate stops are not precise due to road conditions. The train stops in small towns for 2 to 3 minutes, while in big cities it pauses for 6-7 minutes. You can also get a high-speed train ticket from Istanbul and Eskisehir to Ankara, the starting point, yet you can reach Ankara by plane too.

What are the wagon options?

Doğu ekspresi

The wagons of the Eastern Express are being wondered by many. The carts are divided into 4 options; sleeping compartment, couchette compartment, dining-car and Pulman. Pulman means the wagon with seats. There are two seats on one side and one seat on another. But if you want to prefer the compartments with beds that you have seen recently, you should prefer to use the couchette compartment or sleeping compartment. In couchette compartments, there are four-seater seats in a compartment and these seats turn into beds. In the sleeping compartment, there are two beds, one of which is on top and one on the bottom. Inside, there are a sink, a desk, power outlet, fridge etc. In the dining room, there is a wagon consisting of a restaurant with four tables.

How are the ticket prices?

The prices of the Eastern Express are not overly high. Rates can vary depending on variables such as a wagon, full, student, age, child, press and teacher. Prices start from 20 TL up to 110 TL. Tickets are continually being updated. Click here for the latest information: TCDD. After receiving the ticket, your PNR number will be sent to your e-mail address. Just give this PNR number when you get on the train. When you buy tickets, consider variables such as route, wagon option, and note what you’ve marked. Many people get the wrong tickets as a result of wrong marking when buying tickets.

Food on the Eastern Express

There is a restaurant on the Eastern Express. The restaurant serves snacks, meze, soups, grills and many more. Prices are very convenient. For example, the tea is 2 TL, and the grill is 15 TL. In the restaurant, you can pay by credit card. However, it should be taken into account that the train is continually moving and that the device is disconnected from the internet. So do not forget to have cash and snacks with you!

How’s the train cleaning and what are the toilet conditions?

The Eastern Express is regularly cleaned every time before departure. It is possible to find washed, packaged and iron-washed white linens in the wagons. Sleeping compartments are prepared before the journey. The toilets were quite clean when the trip started. The bathroom is quickly polluted in couchette and Pulman wagons, but there are ten compartments in sleepers, and it is not quickly polluted.

Is it safe?

Eastern Express

Many people wonder whether the Eastern Express is safe. Most of the compartments can be locked inside. However, because it can not be locked from the outside of the compartment, you need to take valuable items before leaving.

Is there Internet?

Many parts of the train route have internet access. But it does not show high performance. In some regions, it is entirely broken.

When should I go to Eastern Express?

Of course, when we think of the Eastern Turkey first thing comes to our mind is snow. Therefore, the months of December, January and February are among the most popular. When it comes to nature like snowflakes, it is priceless to make such a journey. When the snow is covered nature as calm as a millpond, it is invaluable to make such a trip.

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Finally, the other things to know about the Eastern Express is:

  • There is no place for luggage in all the wagons except the sleeping compartment.
  • If the winter months were chosen for the journey, it should be considered that the temperature is lower than -10 degrees. So it needs to be worn thick.
  • It is sweltering inside the train, and there is a panel to adjust the compartment temperature.
  • Smoking is prohibited on the train.
  • Travelling with sleeping and couchette compartments is not exhausting, but this is not the case for the Pulman.
  • There is one socket in the couchette and two in the sleeping compartment.
  • If you are meticulous about the pillow, you can take it to yourself.
  • Be aware that the toilet paper on the train ends immediately, so you need to bring toilet paper with you.
  • Remember to bring snacks with you.
  • Keep cash with you.
  • Wake up before the sun rises to enjoy the scenery.
  • Organise your drink, music and camera before the trip.


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