The Most Elegant Wedding Concepts Couples Can Prefer in Summer

Of course, the concept of a wedding is a must for an unforgettable wedding. Especially in recent years, almost every wedding has a theme. These concept options can be preferred according to all tastes and seasons. From wedding candy to invitation, wedding cake to the decoration of the place can inspire many choices. In this article, we will include stylish wedding concepts for the summer months, which are the wedding season. Here are the most elegant wedding concepts couples can choose in summer!

Daisy concept

Daisies, a messenger of summer, are among the stylish concepts that you can choose for summer weddings. You can easily use these beautiful flowers that will add colour to your wedding in every part of the decoration (groom’s boutonniere, bridal hair, bridal flower …). You can also keep the energy of the environment alive by using daisies together with vivid colours in summer.

Sea wedding concept


The theme of the sea, which is the most popular wedding concept of the summer months, can be easily chosen this year. You may prefer the seaside places for the nautical theme; You can use every shade of blue in decorations. You can add colour to the decoration by using sea stars, anchors and seashells.

Lemon wedding concept


If you are a couple who likes yellow, which is the colour of energy, you can choose a lemon theme at your wedding. In this theme, you can complete your white wedding dress with yellow shoes and use them together with yellow and green, which are the colours of lemon in decoration; so you can create a pleasant atmosphere.

Butterfly Wedding Concept


One of the elegant wedding concepts that can be preferred for the summer months is the butterfly theme. For the butterfly theme, you can use the butterfly anywhere from your wedding dress to your accessories, from invitation to cake. We are sure that these butterflies will give your wedding a very cheerful atmosphere!

Rainbow Wedding Concept

Summer means colour! You can also choose the rainbow theme for a summer wedding; You can use all the colours of the rainbow at your wedding. You can choose the decorations, invitations, wedding cake and even the bridal shoes from vivid and different colours.

Wedding concept by colour

You can only set your wedding theme according to your favourite colour. Just select your favourite colour for your theme! Then you can realize your dream wedding by using this colour in decoration, decorations and accessories.

Transparent wedding concept

In 2019 wedding trends, we see more transparent designs. You can opt for simplicity in your wedding concept for a beautiful summer wedding. For this, you can use transparent elements with colours such as gold and copper in decoration; You can capture a straightforward and stylish theme.

Bohemian wedding concept

If you want to have a free and spirited wedding, a bohemian wedding theme can be for you. For this theme, pale yellow, peach, powder tones, light blue, lavender colours may be preferred for decoration; In the environment, you can use white wooden chairs, small flower pots full of dried flowers, scented candles.

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