Meeting Point of Contemporary Art: 17th Istanbul Biennial

The 17th Istanbul Biennial, a contemporary art event organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, will be held between September 17 and November 20 this year. More than 50 projects will come together in the biennial, which includes more than 500 participants such as artists, writers, thinkers, architects, radio programmers, ornithologists, chefs, and comedians. The event, which aims to establish communication between the artist and the art audience, includes living spaces as well as historical places of the city. During the biennial, many other events such as exhibitions, outdoor and film screenings, performances, meetings, panels, radio broadcasts, print workshops, and puppet shows await the audience.


1. SAHA Studio Talks

SAHA Studio Konuşmaları

SAHA Studio opens its doors to visitors every Wednesday and Saturday between 12:00 and 19:00 during the 17th Istanbul Biennial. The program is planned to include public events while sharing the work and production processes of the 17th term participants in different fields and channels. You can participate in activities prepared by other expert participants on various topics and visit SAHA Studio before or after the events.


2. Poetry Line Panels

Şiir Hattı Panelleri

The 17th Istanbul Biennial does not forget poetry lovers either. Within the scope of the Poetry Line designed for the Biennial, in 2021, it is planned to hold poetry panels where the views of 15 poets, who are asked to write a poem every month, about poetry and the world. Nearly 200 poems written by poets; In addition to digital channels, it is planned to be presented to poetry lovers through places such as second-hand booksellers, restaurants, libraries, and poetry boards in different parts of the city. Poetry panels are accompanied by events in various media such as radio programs and podcast series.


3. “What Do Birds Think?” Project

“What Do Birds Think?” conducted by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts Alt Kat; the project invites everyone to reconnect with nature by organizing bird watching events. The project brings together experts, teachers, artists, scientists and students working in different disciplines. The children of the guides prepared within the scope of the project; It prompts us to think about what birds think, how they see people, how changes in the environment affect them, how they feed and shelter. Children can participate in the biennial with their answers.


4. Radio Biennial: Açık Radyo

As a non-profit, independent and collective channel, Açık Radyo has been hosting its participants, who deal with different disciplines, as part of the Istanbul Biennial, in the Radio Biennial program since 2021. Participants within the scope of the Radio Biennial program; participates in the broadcast with the works they produce, interviews, poetry readings and voice interventions. The recordings of the Radio Biennial program prepared by Zeyno Pekünlü can be listened to all over the world. Radio Biennial, on Açık Radyo 95.0, will continue to broadcast every Monday between 15.30-16.30 with its distinguished guests and expand the current boundaries of art through radio until October 25.


5. Movie Screenings

Film Gösterimleri

Within the scope of the 17th Istanbul Biennial, it is aimed to bring many films together with the audience. Film screenings are planned to be held at the Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation Pera Museum and HOPE Alkazar. Interviews are also planned to be included in some film screenings. The last film screening of the biennial, which presents many valuable films from the past to the present, will take place on November 19.


6. Guided Biennial Tours

To visit the biennial in company with the guides, you can take a tour of only one venue by purchasing a single ticket, or you can benefit from tours in all venues by purchasing a season ticket. You can visit the biennial Barın Han, Museum Gazhane and Pera Museum, which is organized with the support of Koç Holding, with a guide every day except Mondays. By participating in the tours, you can have detailed information about the places.


7. Exhibitions: Pera Palace Hotel, Arada – Abode And Point To The Eye


There are 12 different exhibition areas in the 17th Istanbul Biennial. One of the exhibitions in the biennial is Saygun Dura’s exhibition titled “Arada (In Between) – Abode And Point To The Eye”. You can visit the exhibition, hosted by Pera Palace Hotel in cooperation with Istanbul Concept Gallery, at Galata Fuaye between September 22 and November 5, except Mondays, from 12.30 to 19.00. After your visit, you can visit the historical Pera Palace Hotel and have a good time in its restaurants or bars that offer delicious tastes.

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