Famous People Of Pera Palace Hotel… İsmet İnönü

One of the valuable guests of Pera Palace Hotel, which has hosted the most prominent names of the period since its opening, was İsmet İnönü. İnönü, described as the Second Man of the Turkish Republic, has stayed at Pera Palace Hotel many times in the past and made some of the important decisions here.

İsmet İnönü, like Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, had his name written on Turkish national history with his military successes during the War of Independence. As a successful diplomat and statesman, he served his country until his death. In addition to all his contributions to the state, İsmet Pasha also had many commendable qualities about his personality. İsmet İnönü was the one reconciled the tribes who rebelled against the Ottomans when he served in Yemen where 1.5 million Turkish soldiers were martyred. He was promoted to major in 1912 because of his success in the region. Until 1913, he served as the Chief of Staff of the General Forces in Yemen, so that there was not a single attack attempt in the area during World War I.

As can be seen in this example, İsmet İnönü was always a compromised man. In the assassination investigations aimed at Mustafa Kemal in 1926, he found himself between the accused commanders and Atatürk. Ataturk did not go further because of his appeasement. Ismet Pasha again paved the way for the release of heroic commanders like Kazim Karabekir.

On the eve of World War II, he assigned political dissidents to state offices and ensured unity inside the country. In 1937, he helped to resolve the Dersim issue with an extensive campaign. During the war times, he attempted and endeavoured to achieve inner peace with these and many other steps.

It was again İsmet Pasha who faced all the pressure to enter the Second World War. With a dominant attitude on important talks in this regard, He prevented Turkey from participating in the Second World War until the end. So much so that Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill praised his success in his letter to İnönü on May 31, 1950, by saying the following words:

“It seems to me; besides you have won the victory as another general, history will also write how you recover the Republic of Turkey from the greatest dangers of the Second World War, and also how you protect the libertarian and coherent government system established by Mustafa Kemal in hard struggles.”

Turkey’s first prime minister, Ismet Inonu, was always next to Mustafa Kemal and he became the most important protector of the republic that Ataturk established. We wanted to pay him our respect by touching briefly on his achievements that will not fit into this article.

Nowadays; 201 and 301 suites resided in Pera Palace Hotel continues to keep alive the memories of the second and third presidents of Turkey, İsmet İnönü and Celal Bayar. You can witness the history closely by visiting the Pera Palace Hotel, which keeps the memories of many important guests with respect and which is also a museum hotel in this regard.

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