Diary of a Mad Man

The loss of sanity of a 7th-grade civil servant, his descent from ordinariness, and the class differences… A play narrated by the civil servant himself… The “madness” mentioned in the title of the book is reflected in the life of Ivanovich, who falls in love with his boss’s daughter and wants to know more about her by reading the letters of his boss’s dog. We can think that the strangeness in Ivanovich is due to class distinction. While his boss is thinking of marrying his daughter to generals, Ivanovich, who is already dissatisfied with his life, completely loses his mind and deteriorates further. The situations that are almost impossible to change create problems in his mind. He tries to solve them but he fails. At this moment, he convinces himself that he is the new king of New Spain. Poor Ivanovic, who had a standard and ordinary life before, becomes subjected to the tortures inflicted on the mental patients of that period.

Author: Nikolay Vasilyevich Gogol
Director: Erdoğan Maksut
Actor: Mustafa Kaygusuz
Sound and Light: Dilfuza Rozıyeva
Costume Design: Mustafa Kaygusuz
Poster Design: Rabia Gençer

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