Desserts That Will Add Joy to Ramadan Feast

Among the must-have items of Ramadan Feast are scrumptious desserts that delight the palates. Long conversations with your loved ones during bairam visits become much more enjoyable with the desserts that are served. Well, are you wondering which desserts are most commonly served during the Ramadan Feast that goes back to past to present? If your answer is “Yes!”, then let’s have a look at the desserts that will make your Ramadan Feast tasty!

A True Bairam Classic: Baklava

Baklava, which has a very important place in Turkish cuisine, has been an unchanging classic of bairam for many years. Baklava, which takes its place at the center of the dining tables during Ramadan Feasts, can attract even those who have no sweet tooth with its unique taste.

Baklava, the traditional flavor of Turkish cuisine, has many different varieties. The types of baklavas with walnuts and pistachios, which are the most commonly served during bairam visits, may vary depending on the region. You can choose from delicious alternatives that are offered in many different ways, from sliced baklava to mussel baklava, from carrot sliced to nip baklava.

Cold baklava, a type of baklava that has become increasingly popular lately, is frequently preferred by those who are looking for a different taste during the bairam visits. Served with clotted cream or ice cream in some regions, cold baklava is among the most preferred desserts during Ramadan Feast, as it is both light and refreshing.

From the Palace to Today’s Dining Tables: Şekerpare

Şekerpare, one of the most delicious desserts of Ottoman cuisine, is one of the most demanded flavors during the bairam. Semolina and sherbet are among the main ingredients of Şekerpare, which have reached the dining tables from the palace to today. Prepared with different techniques and ingredients, Şekerpare is one of the desserts that is suitable for many tastes.

The dessert, known as “şeker-pâre” or “şeker-bûre” during the Ottoman period, is also known as a sugar cookie in some regions because it resembles a cookie in appearance. When making Şekerpare, unlike cookies, semolina must be added to the dough.

The Unchanging Taste of Bairam: Kadayıf

The history of kadayıf, which is widely preferred during Ramadan Feasts, dates back to the Seljuk period. Records found in the kitchen notebooks called “Beray-ı Hassa” show that kadayıf was among the dessert preferences of the sultans of the Seljuk period.

This dessert, which is quite difficult to make, also has varieties such as tel kadayıf, palace tel kadayıf, oil-free kadayıf, phyllo kadayıf, creamed kadayıf and bread kadayıf in the first published cookbook called “Melceü’t Tabbâhîn”. Kadayıf, one of the favorites of the Ramadan Feast, seems to maintain this position on many more bairams.

For Those Who Cannot Give Up on Traditional Desserts: Künefe

Künefe, whose main ingredients are shredded filo dough, peanuts, syrup, and cheese, is a traditional dessert especially popular in Middle Eastern countries. Künefe is among the most-served desserts during Ramadan Feasts. Different varieties of künefe, varying according to different regions, also stand out. Kilis creamed kırma künefe, also known as Cennet Çamuru, is known as a dessert that has been made in Kilis for over a century.

The most famous type of künefe in our country is undoubtedly Antakya künefe! In the making of Antakya künefe, tel kadayıf, fresh künefe cheese, butter and sherbet are used. Sherbet is added to künefe, whose bottom and top surfaces are cooked separately after it is cooked.

An Insatiable Feast of Flavors: Revani

Revani has been an indispensable part of Ramadan tables since the Ottoman period. The name Revani, which dates back to the Ottoman period and was invented by the palace cooks in honor of the conquest of Armenia and Yerevan, comes from the victory of Yerevan.

This traditional dessert is divided into different varieties according to the ingredients. The most well-known of these are revani with poppy seeds, rose water, orange syrup, figs and almond. Revani, which conquers the palate with its wonderful taste and many different varieties, continues to be one of the most popular desserts during Ramadan Feasts.

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