Crime Literature Workshop For Detective Enthusiasts By Pera Palace Hotel

Pera Palace Hotel, which also includes world-renowned crime writer Agatha Christie; is also home to an exceptional event for police enthusiasts: Detective Express!

The Criminal Culture and Literature Workshop, which lasts for eight weeks, has a rich program content. In this detailed and comprehensive program, starting from the birth and history of crime literature, the crime literature will be examined and handled in a wide variety of topics ranging from classic detective narrative to psychological thriller, from spy novel to law enforcement. In this way, the writer candidates will be able to increase their consciousness and sharing in this field and discover their potential.

Other details of the workshop program, which will take place under the moderation of the esteemed crime writers Armağan Tunaboylu and Ercan Akbay are as follows:


Session 1: The Birth of Crime Literature and Leading Authors (1794-1860)

In the first session of the workshop, the leading writers of the police, from Shakespeare to Poe, will be analysed to examine the effect of real crime stories in finding the subject of editing. Besides, under the heading of Alphabet of Criminal Writing, it will be evaluated on inspiration and idea creation stages and the points of systematic work.


Session 2: The Crawling Period of Criminal Literature (1861-1900)

The second session will examine the emergence of the first fictional detectives of the founding masters in Europe and America. Under the headline of Criminal Editing, the critical points of the transition from inspiration and idea creation to structural design will be discussed.


Session 3: New Style Crime Literature in the Beginning of the New Century (1901- 1920)

In this part of the workshop, the period in which detective stories are becoming increasingly widespread and period of journal drafts in Europe will be examined. Under the title The Backbone of Fiction, the design will address the need for personalities to come to life and the things that need to be done to make fictional characters convincing and impressive.


Session 4: The Golden Age of Crime Literature (1921-1940)

The fourth session will be the chapter in which the crazy rise of crime literature in the period between the two World Wars was examined. Under the heading From the Road Map to the plot, character creation and the introduction of the narrative’s narrative will focus on the importance of the installation that introduces the reader to the story.


Session 5: Cheap Roman Invasion and Fall of Crime Literature (1941- 1960)

The issue to be covered in this section of the program will be the stars that led to the collapse of the ten-cent detective novel market, which fell as a result of changing trends. Then, under the heading Event Stream and Guide, the critical points of convincing expression in character, space and atmosphere descriptions will be examined.


Session 6: Re-Rise of the Crime Literature (1961-1980)

The sixth session of the workshop will focus on the process of super-diversity, different values, and the intermingling of crime literature with other literary genres. Under the title of “Stitches of the Event Knit”, great dialogue and impressive descriptions will be examined.


Session 7: The Stars of the Modern Age (1981- 2000)

In this part of the program, many writers in the field of policing literature take on the stage and the process in which the new industry enters the hegemony of detective novelists, whose publishers earn serious gains and blended with filmmaking. Under the title of “The Power of Balanced Expression”, the controversy about the crime and the discussion about how the incident took place and the contribution of the understanding of misconceptions to the narrative of crime will be examined.


8th Session: Modern World of Crime Literature (from 2001 to present)

In the last part of the program, the modern detective world and updated software smartphone detective will be discussed under the title of End of Complex Nodes, the impact of the region of resolution, where plausible doubts evolve into surprise results, will examine the role of the mighty finals that leave the taste on the palate.


Event Dates

Here are the dates you can participate in the Criminal Culture and Literature Atelier, which examines the crime in such a profound and comprehensive manner:

Option 1: March 17 – May 5 / Sunday between 11.00 – 14.00

Option 2: March 19 – May 7 / Tuesday between 11.00 – 14.00

Option 3: March 20 – May 8 / Wednesday between 19.00 – 22.00

For more information about the program and reservations, please call 0212 377 40 00!


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