Break the Clichés: A Different Day in Istanbul, the Queen of Cities

“What is love? I don’t think anything in this world penetrates the human soul as much as love; neither human nor anything else. There is nothing that covers the heart and takes place in it as much as love.” Umberto Eco, The Name of the Rose

According to Adso of Melk, love takes over a person’s body, soul, and mind. According to its dictionary meaning, the feeling of extreme love and devotion towards someone or something. According to some, it is a peaceful harbor, a joyful feeling; for some, it is a lot of despair and tears…

Eugene Delacroix is perhaps the closest to the definition of love, which has no formula: “To express love, a language very different from the languages that exist on earth is required.” That’s why people have invented a lot of traditions, old or new, for all the emotions that cannot be expressed in words for centuries.


A Tradition Based on the Ancient Roman Period

One of these traditions is Valentine’s Day, built to honor love and dates back to the Roman period. This day has a religious character, a romantic one for some, and a commercial feature for others, just like love. It has neither a single formula nor a single definition. … However, in this century, where life is running fast, and the most common phrase is ‘I don’t have time!’, a day honoring love doesn’t sound bad at all. It’s in our hands to make sense of today. Can there be anything as wonderful as breaking the stereotypes and discovering the taste of life with someone you love? Break the stereotypes this Valentine’s Day! Prepare for an experience full of history, art, and music…

Elevetor inside

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You can spend a magical day with your lover at Pera Palace Hotel, which invites you to a magnificent and mystical journey as soon as you enter the door with its Art Nouveau and Neoclassical style.


Opportunity to Wander through the Pages of History

5th floor

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If there is such a thing as a time machine, it is Pera Palace’s door located on Meşrutiyet Street. Ernest Hemingway, Agatha Christie, Josephine Baker, the most valuable guest of Pera Palace Hotel Mustafa Kemal Atatürk,… Follow in the footsteps of the uniquely special guests, who left a legacy in history with their ideas, lives, and works. Listen to their stories and mysteries. Let the muses knock on your door on this special day when you honor love.


Music Stimulates Emotions


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Even though February 14 falls on a Monday, the pandemic has something positive to teach everyone! Flexibility…Maybe February 14 is another day this year. February 14 may be another day this year… Because it is priceless to start this day that belongs only to you, with the relaxing and emotional melodies of the Saturday Morning Concerts and the breathtaking magnificence of the Grand Pera Hall…


Coffee and Dessert Break in Istanbul’s Golden Age


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A coffee and dessert break at Patisserie de Pera, where you will feel yourself in a Woody Allen movie with its decoration reminiscent of 1900s Paris! An excellent place to share dreams, feelings, worries, excitements with your lover. A sip of coffee, a fork of cake, a pinch of conversation, and lots of admiration…


Traditional 5 Tea with İlham Gencer

İlham Gencer

Under the magnificent Dome Hall, you will feel like you belong to another time while witnessing the delightful melodies of İlham Gencer, one of the prominent names of Turkish jazz, who has tremendous energy. The best gift you can give to yourself and your lover!


A Romantic Dinner at Pasha Hall

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What do you say to a trip to 19th century at the pearl of Beyoglu, Pera Palace Hotel? Pasha Hall invites you to breathe in the historical atmosphere while having dinner with your loved one, listening to some exquisite music, and enjoying the weekend accomodation.

A Father’s Day Gift That Will Touch Their Soul: Saturday Morning Concerts

Each year celebrated on the third Sunday of June, Father’s Day is an amazing opportunity to show your unconditional love and gratitude to your father…

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