After the 39th Film Festival; Watching Online or Cinema?

The 39th Istanbul Film Festival met with moviegoers this year on 9-20 October 2020! The festival, which is planned to be held in April, was presented to the audience in October due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The Film Festival, which took place during the pandemic period, met the desired attention and expectation. As every year, this year the festival was held by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Within the scope of Covid-19 measures, the international competition and awards of the festival, which was held both in movie theaters and online, were included in the festival.

In the new normal lifestyle, is the audience’s preference for the film festival online or cinema? The answer to the question is waiting for you in this article!

Istanbul Film Festival

The International Istanbul Film Festival was first held in 1982. The content of the festival, which has survived since 1982, changes over time and takes its final form. If you wish, let’s look at the history of the festival together!

Organized for the first time the name of “Istanbul Film Festival”, the festival starts with a 6-day film week. The film festival, which attracted great attention in the following years, started to be held regularly in April.

Throughout October, 40 new films were presented to moviegoers at the 39th Istanbul Film Festival this year. The excitement of the competition, which has become the tradition of the film festival, started on October 9, 2020 and ended on October 20, 2020. In the festival, which featured 12 new films in the international competition section this year, the big award films were presented to the audience only online this year due to Covid19. In this year’s jury of the festival; There were valuable artists such as Tayfun Pirselimoğlu, Hazar Ergüçlü, Burak Çevik, Jasmin Basic and Anthony Bobeau.

Istanbul Film Festival Tickets

This year, Istanbul Film Festival tickets were not sold as printed within the scope of Covid19 measures. The ticket sales of the festival, which did not provide ticket sales from the cinema box office this year, were made only through Biletix.

Tickets for online screenings are only available on the official website of the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts. The Istanbul Film Festival, which provides security measures from ticket sales to all stages of the organization, satisfied its audience in this sense.

Reaching the Film Festival from the Comfort of Your Home: Online Film Festival

The 39th Istanbul Film Festival also had an online movie category. While the effects of the Covid19 epidemic continued, the audience was offered the opportunity to watch online movie screenings on the website.

The festival, which included a total of 12 films this year in the international competition section, succeeded in satisfying its audience in this sense. The films in the competition section were transferred to moviegoers by offering the opportunity to watch only on online platforms. The number of people who chose the film festival online this year for both safe and cautious days has been quite high.

Enjoying the Film Festival at the Cinema

Organized on October 9-20, 2020 this year, the address of the festival was Nişantaşı City’s on the European side of Istanbul and Kadıköy Cinema on the Anatolian side for those who prefer to watch at the cinema. Within the scope of the film festival, National Documentary Competition and Filmekimi Galas were also provided for those who prefer the festival in cinema. 

This year, unlike usual, films were made in the cinema at 13:00-17:00-21:00 hours and the time required for disinfection was allocated. Cinema halls managed to ensure the safety of art lovers at the highest level by measuring the limited number of people, masks and heat.

Dazzling Movies at the Festival

Among the films featured in the international competition of the 39th Istanbul Film Festival, popular and received full marks from the audience, the films Sarı Hayvan, Ana-Oğul and Yabancı were among the films for the Golden Tulip.

The movie “Hayalimdeki Sahneler”, which is in the non-competitive film category and directed and written by Metin Akdemir, drew attention with its social messages by mentioning the stories among women. Another non-competitive documentary film ‘İyi ki Yapmışım’, brought together director Selçuk Metin and actor Metin Akpınar and pleased the moviegoers. The documentary was about the life of master artist Metin Akpınar.

Among the prominent films of the National Documentary Competition, “Ah Gözel Istanbul”, ‘’Maddenin Halleri”, “Kuyudaki Taş” are among the most important films. 

Gala & Filmekimi Together!

This year, due to Covid19, the Istanbul Film Festival came together with Filmekimi Gala and turned into a magnificent organization. Among the films that took place at the Filmekimi gala; Italian, British and French production Pinokyo’ was among the films that attracted attention. One of the prominent films of the gala, the Russian-German production “Umudun Dili” was at the top of the viewers’ favourite movie list. The German-made movie “Yaramaz Çocuk” brought together artists such as director Oscar Roehler and screenwriter Klaus Richter. In addition, the film managed to get full marks from the audience with its original music. The South Korean film ‘Kaçan Kadın’ met with the audience by director Hong Sang-Soo and was among the most popular films.

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