A Cultural Journey: Istanbul Exhibition Guide May 2023

İstanbul Sergi Rehberi

While the exhibitions ensure that valuable works of art reach the public eye, they also ensure that the artists are recognized and followed by the people. Istanbul, a cultural capital, hosts many exhibitions each month of the year. We have piled up some of the May 2023 exhibitions, which are eagerly awaited by art enthusiasts who would want to see the precious works of various artists.


A New Composite Exhibition: “White Cube”

MAJİ Art Gallery in Şişli Istanbul has a total of 18 works by 10 valuable artists that are awaiting the visits of art enthusiasts under the name of “Art Project: White Cube İstanbul Projesi”. The works that have been produced in the discipline of contemporary art are prepared for the Art Project and exhibited for the first time at the White Cube Hall. Among the artists who are participating in the exhibition have important names such as Adviye Bal, Sare Aldemir and Tuğçe İnan. If you would like to see the exhibition, which brings to life works that are unheard of with the concept of “Limitless Contemporary Art”, you can visit MAJİ Art Gallery until May 6, 2023.


“Gizli Kalmış Hikâyeler” Exhibition by Sinan Polvan

Gizli Kalmış Hikâyeler

Artist Sinan Polvan’s “Gizli Kalmış Hikâyeler” exhibition was opened to art enthusiasts on April 25 at Muse Contemporary Art Gallery in Beşiktaş, Istanbul. Sinan Polvan, who is interested in painting and sculpture, also stands out with his academic, architectural, and designer identities. More than forty works of Sinan Polvan, who has made a name for himself in the art industry with his career and artworks, are waiting for you at Muse Contemporary Art Gallery. If you desire, you can visit the exhibition curated by Feride Çelik until 27 May 2023.


“Bir Yaz Gecesi Rüyası” Exhibition by Serdar Acar

Located in Beyoğlu, Pi Artworks presents Serdar Acar’s first solo exhibition “Bir Yaz Gecesi Rüyası” to art enthusiasts. The name of the exhibition comes from a play by William Shakespeare. Serdar Acar copes with loneliness, loss, love, childhood, destiny, dreams, and madness. If you would like to see this solo exhibition, you can visit Pi Artworks in Beyoğlu until 20 May 2023.


“Üzerimdeki Yıldızlı Gökyüzü ve İçimdeki” Exhibition by Lara Ögel

Lara Ögel’s exhibition “Üzerimdeki Yıldızlı Gökyüzü ve İçimdeki” is taking place at Beyoğlu Galerist, curated by Naz Cuguoğlu. The exhibition bears the traces of the artist Ögel’s fascination with the cosmos, mushrooms, alchemy, and other expressions. Furthermore, this exhibition is also the artist’s first solo exhibition at Galerist. If you desire, you can visit the exhibition until 20 May 2023 and see the rare works of the artist.


“GUK” Exhibition by Ayşen Urfalıoğlu

The “GUK” exhibition, named after the initials of the words of temporality, volatility, and fragrance, brings together the fascinating works of artist Ayşen Urfalıoğlu with art enthusiasts. The exhibition held at Maçka Art Gallery will continue hosting visitors until 19:00 on Saturday, May 27, 2023. You can visit the exhibition of the artist, who evaluates science and art to a completely different utopia, between 12.00 and 19.00 any day except Sunday and Monday.


“Post-Portre” Exhibition by Mehmet Yılmaz

“Post-Portre” exhibition, artist Mehmet Yılmaz’s “What would be his reaction if Leonardo da Vinci had seen the current art environment, contemporary products and image techniques through a time travel with his perception and tendency in his own time?” It is formed by bringing together the works he created based on the question. The exhibition, where we witness the formation of a video-centered series, also reveals an interdisciplinary unity. You can visit this extraordinary exhibition of the artist who played the lead role in the Mona Lisa at Piramid Sanat in May.


Kültürel İmgelerin Mirası” Filiz Hatipoğlu’s Solo Exhibition Is at Pera Palace!

Filiz Hatipoğlu Solo Sergisi

Pera Palace Hotel, one of the well-established hotels in Istanbul, hosts various exhibitions and events. The events held in Galata Hall bring together art enthusiasts with famous artists and eccentric works.

Award-winning artist Filiz Hatipoğlu’s solo exhibition titled “Kültürel İmgelerin Mirası”, organized in collaboration with Gama Art Gallery and Pera Palace Hotel, meets the art enthusiasts at Pera Palace Hotel – Galata Fuaye between April 28 – May 30, 2023.

Filiz Hatipoğlu, in her works, sheds light from the past to the present by being inspired by the traces of the cultural images and art of the civilizations that Istanbul and Anatolian lands have hosted throughout history; with her work “Kültürel İmgelerin Mirası” within the time paradox, of the structures, scientific works and traditions left from civilizations and our ancestors, offers literacy in a purely visual language.

You can visit the exhibition, which will leave traces in the memory of the future generations from the past to the present, in the historical atmosphere of Pera Palace Hotel, any day except Sunday, between 13.00 and 19.00.

If you would like to have fascinating experiences, you can follow Pera Palace Hotel and visit various events that are organized.

One of the master artists Saygun Dura’s “ARADA” exhibition was one of the exhibitions held in the historical atmosphere of Pera Palace Hotel and fascinated their art enthusiasts. Known for his original works in underwater photography, the master artist’s works, which he shot in Lake Van and worked on for five years, took the visitors on a captivating journey.

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