7 Museums You Can Visit With Your Children In Istanbul

The museum is past, culture and history. The museum is as informative as it is fun to visit. Visiting the museum helps you to establish the connection between the past and the future. Thus, bridges between cultures are acknowledged. Istanbul is a prosperous city in terms of museums. In Istanbul; There are museums that stimulate the memory of the community, enable children and adults to learn new erudition, entertain while teaching. If you desire to visit the museum with your child, have fun while learning, get to know new cultures and shed light on the past, continue reading our article.

Toy Museum


The Toy Museum in Goztepe was founded in 2005 by the poet and writer Sunay Akın. Collected in more than 20 years, the Toy Museum has toys from nearly 40 countries, taken from the auctions, antique dealers and collectors. There are many toys produced since the 1700s. The most important feature of this museum is that it can embrace all family members together. Because when you see the toys in this museum, you will remember your memories, and your child will be engrossed in the history of the toys.

Kite Museum

The Kite Museum was founded by Mehmet Naci Aköz, the first and the only in Turkey and one of 18 kite museums in the world. The museum has over 2,500 exhibits from 33 countries. Kite Museum has been continuing its activities within the framework of projects such as “Child-Friendly Museum” and “Museum Education” carried out by “Istanbul National Education Directorate”. There is also a workshop in the museum called Kite School where children can make their own kites.

Rahmi Koc Museum


Rahmi Koç Museum, one of the children’s favourite museums, is located in Haskoy. This museum attracts a lot of attention from children. Because this place both entertains and teaches. During the day and in general there are many fun and educational activities. When you come here, you will be able to see great works that will attract your child’s curiosity such as submarine, steamboat, aeroplanes, machines, trains, cars and toys. That is a place everyone will love from 7 to 70!

Barış Manço House

When it comes to children, it is unlikely not to visit the house of the children’s “Big Brother Barış”, Barış Manço. “Barış Manço House” located in Kadıkoy Moda is the house where the beloved artist Barış Manço lives. It is possible to find many traces of Barış Manço’s memories and life at home. The second floor of the museum is reserved for children.



Miniaturk, known as “a small model of the big country”, is located on Beyoğlu İmrahor Street. This place brings together the cultural heritage left by the great civilizations such as Rome, Byzantium, Seljuk and Ottoman. Here; It is possible to see miniatures of dozens of works such as Taksim Republic Monument, Hagia Irene Church, Tomb of Sultan Ahmed I, German Fountain, Egyptian Obelisk and Burmali Column. There are also activities and activity areas that can captivate children’s interest such as Mini Stadium, Control Boat, Ferry, Miniatürk Sightseeing Train, Fairy Tale Tree, Maze Park, Chess Area and Miniland Children’s Playground.

Madame Tussauds Wax Sculpture Museum

Situated right in the middle of Istiklal Avenue Madame Tussauds, embodies Turkey’s and the world’s celebrities’ wax figures and sculptures. The wax sculpture of many famous people such as Michael Jackson, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Messi, Einstein, Arda Turan, Rihanna and MFÖ is exhibited here. Last but not least, the impressive figure of Republic of Turkey’s founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is presented here.

Pera Palace Hotel Room 101


The Pera Palace Hotel Atatürk room was transformed into a museum room in 1981 which is the 100th anniversary of Atatürk’s birth. The room has been renovated with the dawn pink, sunrise colour, Mustafa Kemal’s favourite colour. It is also decorated with rare Atatürk books, magazines, signed photos and postcards, medals bought from various auctions as well as his personal belongings. In-room 101 of Pera Palace Hotel, which has a long history and hosted many famous people for many years, Atatürk stayed many times and made important decisions for the country on his return from the frontline. It is an excellent opportunity to see and explore the memory of the Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.


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