7 Experiential Travel Destinations To Visit In 2020

Travelling is one of the most enjoyable ways to gain experience. Every new year means a new opportunity to travel more and see new places. 2020 travel trends also support this statement and highlight “experiential travel”. So what does experiential travel mean?

The experiential travel trend combines the desire to learn something new with travel and brings taking new responsibilities, meeting new chances. An example of this is your travels to locations that will help you learn and experience something new. In this article, we have prepared some destinations for you based on experience. Here are some experiential travel routes that you can experience in 2020!

  1. Space camp – Alabama, USA

uzaySource: https://timesofsandiego.com/education/2018/08/21/3-2-1-liftoff-san-diego-middle-schoolers-treated-to-space-camp-in-alabama/

The first route you can choose for experiential travel is Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama! You can get Multi-Axis training, which astronauts also receive during a weekend in the space camp. After the training, you can take a simulation task and listen to real stories from engineers who took part in NASA. If space is the favourite mystery for you too, this activity may be the most special memory of your life!

  1. Dinosaur Excavating – Alberta, Canada

dinosaurSource: https://hikebiketravel.com/what-to-do-on-a-visit-to-dinosaur-provincial-park/

Dinosaurs that once lived on our planet and then extincted pull the attention of every person. Hence our childhood was spent watching movies about the mystery of dinosaurs. Dinosaur Provincial Park, Canada’s World Heritage Site, offers you unique travel experience. This region is home to the remnants of 58 different dinosaur species. During the four-day program, you can witness these ruins closely! You can choose this extraordinary adventure for your 2020 travel plan.

  1. Glasswork – Venice, Italy

italySource: https://www.muranoglass.com/en/azienda/scuola-del-vetro-a-zanetti/?

If coloured glass sculptures are of interest to you, you can plan your trip to Venice this year. Abate Zanetti School of Glass in Venice allows you to have a wonderful glass crafting experience. There are many training programs related to glasswork in the school and you can participate in different pieces of training that are within your area of ​​interest!

  1. Chocolate Making- Brussels, Belgium

zaabarSource: https://forgetsomeday.com/chocolate-making-class-brussels/

When it comes to chocolate, Belgium is undoubtedly the first place you can think of. Here, the homeland of chocolate offers you wonderful travel experience. Speaking of its name as a true legend with its dried fruit, spicy chocolates in Brussels, Zaabar hosts various workshops. You can visit this place and try great chocolates and participate in chocolate making workshops.

  1. Yogi Training – Goa, India

Yogi Training

This experience-based travel route is for yoga lovers or those who want to take an inner journey! You can turn your route to India to understand the philosophy of yoga and become a certified instructor. You can attend training that lasts for a month in Goa and explore the city in depth.

  1. Archaeological Excavation – Nottinghamshire, UK


If you are interested in archaeology and love visiting historical sites, this route may be just for you. England has a glorious history with Roman, Viking and Anglo Saxon ruins. Excavations carried out by the British Archaeological Board in these regions are still ongoing and volunteers are also accepted. You can also participate in training such as excavation area photography, excavation process and you can educate yourself in this area.

  1. Flower Arrangement- Tokyo, Japan


The last experience-based travel route of our list is Japan! Learning the philosophy of Japanese flower arrangement Ikebana can give you unforgettable travel experience. For this, you can attend Ikebana training in Tokyo, improve your arrangement skills, while witnessing the unique beauty of Tokyo.

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