10 Exclusive Restaurants On The List Of The Best Restaurants In The World In 2019

The best restaurants in the world are selected every year at The World Restaurant Awards, one of the most prestigious award ceremonies in the world of gastronomy. So, who do you want to know about the winners of The World Restaurant Awards 2019, also called Food Oscars? Here is the list of winners that are determined in different categories and all are special!


Best Restaurant of the Year: Wolfgat, South Africa


Wolfgat, which was chosen as the best restaurant of the year, also became the winner of the title of the best non-route restaurant of the year. Located in Cape Town, this restaurant is located against the ocean with a very stylish ambience. In the unique and special menu prepared under the leadership of Chef Kobus van der Merwe, it is claimed that the preparation of some dishes takes weeks!


Best New Restaurant: Inua, Tokyo


Opened under the leadership of a young German, Thomas Frebel two years ago, Inua has the title of the best new restaurant. Working in Denmark for many years, Frebel has succeeded in blending Scandinavian techniques with Japanese cuisine in this pleasant place and has attracted attention since the first day it opened!


Best Special: Lido 84, Italy


Lido 84 managed to be the first among the restaurants competing in this category with a special meal on their menu. The award-winning restaurant “Cacio e Pepe”, an Italian classic created by the famous chef Riccardo Camanini, also has a magnificent view of Lake Garda!


Best Atmosphere Restaurant: Vespertine, Los Angeles


Vespertine, which won this award with its service, acoustics and ambience, was brought to life by creative chef Jordan Kahn and architect Eric Owen Moss. The restaurant, which can accommodate only 25 people every night, turns into another experience with technology!


Restaurants Without Reservation: Mocoto, Brazil


Mocoto was the winner of the “Restaurants Without Reservation” category, which is an ironic and fun category against the need to book some restaurants months ago. This pleasant place, which has been serving since 1973 and has an atmosphere of artisan restaurants, is located in Sao Paulo. In charge of the restaurant’s kitchen, there is Rodrigo Oliveira, who took over the business from his father.


Ethical Thinking Restaurants: Refettorio


Massimo Bottura, the chef and creator of Osteria Francescana, considered one of the best restaurants in the world, has signed a remarkable social responsibility project with his wife. The couple established the Food for Soul project under the name of “Refettorio” in order to prevent food waste and social responsibility, and in this context, it has managed to win this award by serving 450,000 dishes!


Original Thinking Restaurants: Le Clarence, Paris


Le Clarence, located in Paris, won this award for creativity and artistry. This restaurant, which has a typical French ambience, is very ambitious in terms of innovation and creativity when it comes to cuisine. It is impossible not to be surprised at the restaurant led by Christophe Pelé!


Indispensable Classics: La Mère Brazier, Lyon


In this category, La Mère Brazier, who competes with the restaurants that earn the respect of the world, managed to take the award to his home with his 50 years of experience. In the place in Lyon, chef Mathieu Viannay is at the head of the kitchen. The restaurant’s signature dish is known as Poularde de Bresse demi-deuil (half mourning chicken).


Best Collaboration of the Year: Paradiso- Gort na Nain Farm, Ireland

Paradiso was the winner of this award given to the restaurant, which can cooperate with its suppliers in the most successful way. The journey of these two started when farmer Ultan Walsh, who was trained to grow different vegetables, sold his first crop to the nearby restaurant Paradiso. After 18 years, it became an indispensable friendship!


Best Event of the Year: Refugee Food Festival

Food Festival

Refugee Food Festival was chosen as the best event in the award category given to Pop up cooking events and guest chef events. The aim of the project, which moved to different countries of the world after Paris, was to host the successful chefs, who are refugees, to famous restaurants, to motivate them and make them feel at home.


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