What Type Of Wedding? How To Make A Cake? Wedding Cake Advice by Concept

Since the wedding day is extremely special for every person, it requires a serious and careful preparation process. Among the wedding preparations; After the wedding day, wedding venue and theme is determined, the most critical part is the wedding cake selection.  Because the wedding cake should be in harmony with the theme, and spots such as taste, image, have its own say on the quality of the wedding. For this reason, specific and careful attention should be given for the cake selection, as in other preparations. In this article, we will present to you some cake suggestions that will provide you with an idea when preparing your wedding. Here are the cakes that will drag everyone’s attention at your wedding and match your wedding theme!

Winter themed weddings


In order to be compatible with the concept in winter themed weddings, white wedding cakes and chocolate-coloured pastries may be preferred. On such light coloured cakes, forest fruits, cones made of sugar paste and pine tree branches can be used.

Travel themed weddings

If you love trips as a couple, you can apply a travel theme at your wedding. In this case, your wedding cake must also be compatible with the theme. For this, you can choose a cake prepared in the form of the world or a cake decorated with the details of the city you love the most. Besides, suitcases, trains, planes designed in the style of cake can be very compatible with the theme.

Vintage themed weddings


If you like nostalgic details, you are probably preparing for a vintage themed wedding organisation. Weddings with this theme are usually organised in historical places. You can also make retro choices on your cake at your wedding with this theme. For example, multi-layer, decorated with flowers, decorated with lace cakes may be ideal for you.

Fancy weddings with cheerful and dynamic details

If your wedding theme is exceptionally cheerful and dynamic, your wedding cake can also be coloured to fit. Cakes which decorated with colourful flowers, beads, ornaments, beautified with decorations, will complete your theme and add energy to your wedding.

Rustic themed weddings

Rustic themed weddings, the popular concept of recent times, stand out especially for their naturalness. Therefore, the same naturalness should be the choice of cake. If you’re planning a wedding like this, you can choose a cake with little ornate, simple and fig, forest fruits, fresh seasonal flowers.

Sea themed weddings


A pair of sea buffs can make a wedding most happy with the maritime theme! In a marriage with this theme, a choice of fruit or ice cream may be made to suit the season in the selection of the cake. Blue, turquoise-like colours in the primary shades of the cake; Symbols such as fish, anchor, sailboat prepared from sugar paste can also be used in decorations.

Cycling themed weddings

If you are both passionate about cycling, you can reflect this in a fun way to your wedding theme! In bicycle-themed weddings, cake figures prepared with sugar dough can be used. In fact, the decoration of the bike decorations can be imitated on a one-on-one cake. Make sure your wedding theme makes your cake look very harmonious.

Classic themed weddings

If you don’t want to risk it and you are organising a simple, classic themed wedding, you can reflect this choice in your cake. For such weddings, the bride and groom figure, decorated with flowers, little-coloured cakes are incredibly ideal.

BONUS: The trend of the cupcake wedding cake adaptable to each theme

Recently I started to take the wedding cakes on the cupcake which replaced the great wedding cakes. Small cupcakes with different designs can be a great choice of cake to be distributed to the guests and because of their delicate appearance. Moreover, this choice will be in harmony with it regardless of your wedding theme! If you want to sign for a modern wedding, you can have cupcakes designed for your special day with your wedding theme.

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