The Most Beautiful Historical Hotels in Türkiye and the World

Historical and cultural heritage is kept alive not only in ancient sites and museums but also in historic hotels around the world. These hotels offer their guests the opportunity to witness history as well as a comfortable accommodation experience. Historical hotels located in many cities from New York to London, from Paris to Istanbul, offer unique opportunities for those who would like to take a short journey into the past and feel the cultural heritage. Let’s check out the most beautiful historical hotels in Türkiye and the world together.

The Magnificence of History: The Plaza Hotel, New York

Launched in 1907, The Plaza Hotel has become one of the symbols of New York. Located on Fifth Avenue, one of the most vibrant streets of the city, across Central Park, this magnificent hotel attracts attention with its elegance right away.

Offering an unforgettable experience to its guests with its dazzling ballrooms, comfortable rooms and magnificent architecture, the hotel hosted many famous names such as Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy and Truman Capote during its time. The hotel that was mentioned in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous novel The Great Gatsby, has also hosted unforgettable Hollywood movies such as North by Northwest and Home Alone 2. Witnessing the history of New York, The Plaza Hotel is among the legendary hotels in the world with its different memories embedded in each stone.

Luxurious, Innovative and Stylish: The Savoy Hotel, London

The Savoy Hotel in London with its entrance, golden statue, and international flags.

Opening its doors to visitors in 1889, The Savoy Hotel offered the world a brand-new concept of luxury, comfort and service. Drawing attention with its innovative facilities such as electric lighting, hot and cold-water supply and electric elevator, Savoy Hotel was one of the places frequented by famous names such as Oscar Wilde, Frank Sinatra and Winston Churchill.

The fascinating River Thames view and traditional tea ceremonies of the hotel have become legendary. In fact, the famous impressionist painter Claude Monet, who stayed here in 1901, painted the breathtaking view of the River Thames from his room on the 6th floor of The Savoy Hotel. Serving its guests cocktails in classic 1920s glasses today, The Savoy Hotel offers a unique experience that brings the fascinating atmosphere and elegance of the past to the present.

The Place Where Celebrities Hangout: The Ritz Hotel, Paris

Entrance of The Ritz Hotel in Paris with a black luxury car and hotel staff

The Ritz Hotel opened in Vendôme, the most beautiful square in Paris, in 1898, is one of the first hotels in the hotel industry to have a telephone line in its rooms and to have en suite bathrooms. Visited by famous names such as Coco Chanel, Diana Spencer and Marcel Proust, the hotel has become the symbol of French elegance. One of the hotel’s bars was dedicated to the famous writer Ernest Hemingway, who lived here for many years and was named Bar Hemingway in his honor.

The Ritz, which was used as the headquarters of German officers during the Second World War, made its bad record forgotten after the war and managed to come to the fore again with its former glory in a short time. The Ritz Hotel, which has always had an innovative hotel management approach, continues to offer its guests a fascinating experience with its history and elegance.

The Symbol of the City: Pera Palace Hotel, Istanbul

The exterior of Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul with red awnings and lush greenery

Pera Palace Hotel, one of the most important and special buildings reflecting the glorious history of Istanbul, was built to serve the passengers of the famous Orient Express train, which runs from Paris to Istanbul. The hotel entered service in 1895 and went down in history as the first hotel in Türkiye that had European standards.

This building, designed by the architect Alexandre Vallaury, was one of the rare places outside the Ottoman palaces where the use of electricity was allowed. It also attracted attention by having the first electric elevator in Istanbul. Located in Beyoğlu, the hotel is one of the most unique buildings in Istanbul with both modern technologies and its affluent history. The hotel, which quickly became famous for its unique neoclassical style and sense of luxury, made significant contributions to the cultural and social life of Istanbul.

Throughout its 130-year history, the hotel has hosted many famous names such as Agatha Christie, Josephine Baker, Alfred Hitchcock and Jacqueline Kennedy. Room 101, where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk stayed during his visits to Istanbul, is now open to visitors as a museum. Pera Palace Hotel, which has become the symbol of Istanbul with its architecture and history, awaits its visitors who would like to have an unforgettable experience in a location where historical texture meets luxury.

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