Suggestions for Those Who Will Have a Bohemian Wedding Concept

Combining the magic of nature with romance, bohemian weddings are a concept that allows free-spirited couples to express their own style. In this concept, which has become an increasingly popular wedding trend today, a natural, comfortable, and warm atmosphere is created by going beyond the traditional style. If you are thinking of organizing a bohemian wedding, we have compiled a few suggestions for you that can reflect this concept in the best way possible.

Choose Places That Are Inspired by Nature

Romantic outdoor weddings held in woodlands, or the countryside are a great way to create a bohemian atmosphere. A garden that is decorated with lush green trees and colorful flowers can help you reflect the inspiration that is coming from nature and achieve a bohemian style.

Try Free-Spirited and Stylish Wedding Dress Models

If you would like to achieve a bohemian style, you can choose models where comfort is at the forefront when choosing a wedding dress and a groom’s suit. Wedding dresses with a loose fit, off-the-shoulder, or flounced sleeves may be ideal for you. Lined dresses and lace models with very simple designs are also among the bohemian wedding dress options. In addition to the wedding dress, flower crowns, simple hairstyles and natural make-up are among the elements that complete the bohemian style.

For men, suits in beige, gray, or ecru colors, close to the tones of nature, are one of the best ways to reflect the bohemian spirit. You can complete the groom’s suit with a stylish tie, suspenders, or bow tie in light colors and add a stylish flower to the pocket of your jacket.

Add a Bohemian Touch to Decoration with Wooden and Wicker Objects 

Using natural materials in bohemian weddings is a must for this concept. Using materials such as wood, wicker, lace, or linen in the environment can help you create a very pleasant atmosphere. Floor cushions and candles are also unique pieces that complete the bohemian concept.

Adding diversity to the decoration with handmade products can transform the environment into a fascinating atmosphere. Wooden frames, macrame panels, dried flower bouquets, objects such as wicker lanterns and baskets, woven rugs, or shawls are just a few of the most important details to cover a space with a bohemian theme. When the environment is decorated with such details, you can witness that a dreamlike ambiance is created by the combination of handcraft and nature.

If you would like to customize your wedding, you can add small details that reflect your happiness to the venue. For example, you can hang old photos that were taken together on trees or flowers with small wooden pegs and add personal touches to the decoration.

Complete the Bohemian Spirit with Natural and Wildflowers

Natural or wildflowers can be a perfect choice to reflect the bohemian style, which essentially offers both comfort and wildness. You can choose flowers such as daisies, lavender, and wild roses for this concept. Having the flowers in a natural and casual look in your planned-out decoration can help you complete the bohemian style. 

For your bouquet, you can choose the flowers that you prefer for decorating the venue. A bouquet that is prepared with white roses or dried flowers allows you to reflect the bohemian spirit.

Serve Organic Food to Your Guests on Tables Decorated with Flowers

Scrumptious meals and treats that are prepared with organic and local products can make your bohemian wedding special. Scrumptious vegetable recipes prepared by experienced chefs can provide you and your guests with an unforgettable dining experience. In addition, colors that evoke the bohemian theme, tablecloths and a dining setting on a table decorated with flowers are among the important elements that can reinforce the bohemian atmosphere.

Dance Freely to Bohemian Music

Preparing song lists that reflect the bohemian music style or inviting your favorite artists for live music can be an ideal option for bohemian weddings. You can dance freely together and have an unforgettable day by organizing events where your guests can fall under the magic of bohemian style.

If you wish, at the end of the day, you can sit on cushions or woven rugs on the floor and have pleasant conversations by the fire. 

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