Famous Guests Of Pera Palace Hotel… Pierre Loti

Pera Palace Hotel, which is one of the most magnificent historical buildings of Istanbul with its history of more than 120 years, was built at the end of the 19th century to host the guests of the era’s famous Orient Express. These guests, including world-famous artists and bureaucrats, were also the most valuable guests of Pera Palace Hotel. The famous French writer Pierre Loti was one of the precious guests staying at the Pera Palace Hotel.

pierre loti

The French officer, known for his admiration of Istanbul; Pierre Loti was born in 1850. Pierre Loti, who has been in Istanbul for many times and who loves it, came to the city first time in 1876. Loti, who came to Istanbul for duty with a French ship, was influenced by the Ottoman way of life and showed this effect in many of his works. It is known that he even met the woman who inspired him to give her name to his famous novel Aziyade. Pierre Loti, who described him as a Turkish friend, lived in Eyüp when he was in Istanbul and the hill he loved was named after him. (Pierre Loti Hill).


Formerly an officer, Pierre Loti published his first novel “Aziyade” in which he described Ottoman Turkey, in 1879, and 1886, he released his book An Iceland Fisherman. However, he became known to the literary circles and started to be remembered mostly as a writer. The French writer, who was described as an impressionist writer, had a straightforward language; feelings of despair, love, death, tenderness and compassion were common in his works. In 1913 he wrote Turkey in Agony. In his book, he criticised Western policy drastically. Pierre Loti, arrived in Turkey the same year as a state guest and met with a large ceremony at the Tophane Dock, and was hosted at the palace.


Pierre Loti, due to his love of Turks and Turkey, he had always loved so much by the Turkish people. He lived in our country for a long time between 1850-1923. Turkey lover writer was also a guest at the Pera Palace Hotel on many occasions during this period. Pierre Loti Hill and Pierre Loti Coffee are not the only places now named after him; At the same time, the Pera Palace Hotel has the Pierre Loti Suite, overlooking the hill, which is named after him.

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