Famous Guests Of Pera Palace Hotel… Greta Garbo

Pera Palace Hotel, built to host the precious guests of Orient Express, the most famous train of the period, hosted the world’s most important names in Beyoğlu, the heart of Istanbul in the late 19th century.  One of the greatest legends in the history of cinema, Greta Garbo was also another name that strolled around the corridors of Pera Palace Hotel. The famous actress spent 50 days in Istanbul in 1924 to shoot a film. Pera Palace Hotel, where she stayed during her trip, fascinated her as in her glory with her other guests…

Greta Garbo began preparations to set off for Istanbul at the request of director Mauritz Stiller for the shooting in Istanbul. Stiller was telling Garbo in detail the unique beauties of Istanbul and Garbo was getting more and more excited about this journey.

The subject of the movie which Swedish actress was starring was a love story written by a Russian refugee. The leading role was of course herself. Director Stiller thought that before the shooting, the actors should go to Istanbul and stay there for a while. This travel, of course, will take place with Orient Express, the luxurious train of the period.  Orient Express, which is among the passengers of Greta Garbo, entered Istanbul after an entertaining journey on an afternoon with the sunset over the crests of the Çekmece. The season was in the autumn, and Garbo enjoyed the impressive skyline of Istanbul. Then they all went to the Pera Palace Hotel.


Garbo is at Pera Palace Hotel

When Greta Garbo entered Pera Palace Hotel, the most luxurious hotel of the time, she enjoyed it very much. She had reserved the most luxurious room in the hotel. Besides, all the servants were interested in her. The young star had become the queen of the hotel as soon as she arrived. In her honour, the Swedish Consulate elders hosted a magnificent feast at the Pera Palace Hotel. Garbo’s favourite dish on the table which filled with the best delicacies from the Swedish and Turkish cuisine was olive oil wrap…

During her travels, Greta Garbo toured, seen and experienced the most beautiful places of Istanbul. However, after 50 days in Istanbul, the Istanbul section of the movie was cancelled. Therefore, the days that Greta Garbo spent in Istanbul and the Pera Palace Hotel remained a pleasant memory for her.

Greta Garbo

Famous actress Greta Garbo, as mentioned at the beginning of our article, was one of the valued guests of Pera Palace Hotel. It is possible to stay in the room where she is a guest, just like in the room of the famous writer Agatha Christie.


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