Famous Guests Of Pera Palace Hotel… Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph

One of the special guests of the Pera Palace Hotel, which has hosted the most prestigious names in history in the past, was the Austrian-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph. Franz Joseph, one of the leading figures in the history of the world, stayed in Pera Palace Hotel during his visit to Istanbul like King VIII Edward.

When Franz Joseph became the head of the empire, there was various unrest. The Czechs, the Italian states and the Hungarians were in revolt and uprising. So much so that the Hungarians had established a republic. Charles Albert of Sardinia invaded Lombardy and Venice. Although Franz Joseph was a new leader, he soon managed to suppress these uprisings.

In addition to all this, Franz Joseph quickly made himself popular name because of his clean politics and generosity towards the nations of the Empire. Emperor Joseph, who is even today known as a legendary emperor, had a simple, ordinary and modest life, far from flashy. This influential leader, who loves to work and attaches great importance to this, does not like the grandeur, so he always made a name for himself as an exemplary king in the history pages.

The modest style of Franz Joseph can still be seen from his room at the Habsburg Palace even today… so that on the wall of the study room, he wrote the following sentence, which reflects his style and principles:

“A king is the first worker to serve his country.”

We said that Emperor Joseph is a leader who loves to work. Historical sources say that he wakes up at 4 am each morning and accepts breakfast and lunch in the study. The room of this great emperor in his palace consisted of a single bed and unobtrusive furniture. “A person should work until he is exhausted,” he explained, straightforwardly his perspective on leadership.

He also had a great love: Elisabeth of Bavaria, under the pseudonym, Sisi! Sisi was a prominent queen of Central Europe with her nobility and beauty. When Franz Joseph was going to marry Sisi’s older sister, she saw her, fell in love, and gave up on her. It is known that the Emperor, who later married Sisi, was madly in love with his wife and made every effort to make her happy.

Emperor Joseph’s great love, Sisi, was one of the most beautiful women of the period. It is known that the queen, who is known never to love the palace life, is very fond of her beauty, devotes her hours to this, pays attention to her nutrition to stay weak and does sports.

Queen Sisi did not like to spend time at the palace because she hated court life and rules, and often travelled. Her assassination happened while she was on a trip outside Vienna… Franz Joseph, who was madly in love with his wife, once brought his passion openly, when he was in deep pain, telling his guards, “You have no idea how much I loved this woman.”

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