Beyoğlu Guide for Those Who Want to Discover

Beyoğlu is one of the first places that come to mind when Istanbul is mentioned. The historical beauties of the district, the streets smelling of culture, being integrated with art, and having rich food and beverage and shopping options; make it a real attraction. Both Istanbulites and those who come to Istanbul from abroad or abroad spend time in Beyoğlu for all these reasons. So where to visit in Beyoğlu, what to eat, where to do what? Here is our exclusive Beyoğlu guide where you can find answers and more!

Places to visit in Beyoğlu


Istiklal Street, which is a vibrant place in terms of cafes, restaurants and passages, is located in Gezi Park, famous Cicek Pasaji, Galata Tower, Galatasaray High School, French Street, Pera Museum, Kamondo Stairs, Galata Mevlevihanesi and more in Beyoglu. All these options are very close to each other in terms of transportation is possible to visit easily. Here are some of the places you must visit in Beyoğlu!

Istiklal Street and Gezi Park

Istiklal Street is the symbol of Beyoğlu. There are many shops, restaurants and cafes on the street. It is known as one of Turkey’s busiest roads. Gezi Park is a pleasant city park in Taksim. You can relax in the park which attracts attention with its beautiful architecture or has a drink in the tea garden inside.

Beyoğlu passages


Beyoğlu has many arcades where you can shop, go to the cinema or have a drink. Atlas Passage, Çiçek Passage, Aleppo Passage, El Hamra Passage are some of them. You can take a closer look at these historical architectures and add these passages to your Beyoğlu tour.

What to eat in Beyoglu?

As mentioned above, Beyoğlu has vibrant food and beverage options. From the street flavours to the local tastes in the region; There are countless restaurants and cafes where you can taste the best of many dishes from international cuisine to popular tastes of Turkish cuisine. You can eat the best of the flavours appropriate to your taste during your visit to Beyoğlu.

How to get to Beyoğlu?


Beyoğlu has many districts known as Cihangir, Şişhane, Kabataş, Tunnel, Kasımpaşa, Kuledibi, Tepebaşı, Galatasaray, Tophane, Çukurcuma. The distance of Beyoğlu to the city centre is approximately 4 km. The area can also be accessed directly from the airport. The area can be reached by metro and many buses in the city.

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