8 Different Massage Types from Different Regions of the World

Massage is the stimulation of lymph systems, internal organs, skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles with various touches and bumps. The word massage is derived from the Greek word “massein” which means kneading and the Arabic word “mass” which means contact. Systematic manipulations are applied together with massage to stimulate the soft tissues, ensure the healthy functioning of blood vessels and increase blood circulation. Massage is good for injuries, muscle spasms, digestive and circulatory problems, headaches and many other harmful conditions. Massages are divided into many types according to their benefits. There are dozens of different kinds of massage in many parts of the world. In our country, tens of massage types are applied from all over the world. Here are the different types of massage you should try from different parts of the world.

Rungu massage

The application of this type of massage is fascinating. This massage type emerged in African countries such as Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and Eritrea. It is known that this massage which applied with a carved round bar symbolizes the status of warrior men in the “Masaai” culture. On the bars where the massage is performed, there are shapes that belong to this culture. In the massage, not only one rod but also thick, thin or long rods are used depending on the applied area. Rungu massage provides enjoyment and relaxation, increases blood circulation and lymph drainage.

Laos massage

Laos massage is a type of reflexology massage. Massage techniques such as stretching and straining are applied during Laos. Besides, leisure and deviation are achieved with the fumes made from vegetable oils. Laos is softer than Thai massage.

Yumeiho massage


Yumeiho, also known as “Kotsuban Yumeiho”, is a massage therapy. The meaning of this therapy is known as “therapy that eliminates the causes of problems” and “therapy that turns life into spring”. Therapy was born in 1978 when Japanese doctor Masayuki Saionji blended many teachings. What is essential in this type of massage is the balance of the body. This balance is tried to be achieved in Yumeiho. Yumeiho regulates blood flow and metabolism, corrects posture disorders and supports organ function. Recently, we see this type of massage in Turkey.

Stone massage


Stone massage is divided into hot and cold. The starting point of this type of massage is Arizona, USA. This massage dating back to the Indians is known to have a history of 700 years. The stones are cooled and heated during massage following therapy. Stones are placed in different parts of the body while remaining within the principles. Thus, positive reactions and vibrations are received at different points of the body.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage, also known as ”classic massage” is a type of massage that many people prefer. Many people think that this massage comes from Sweden. But this massage was founded by Dutch General Practitioner Johan Georg Mezger in the 1800s. In the following years, he interacted and adapted with other teachings and cultures. This type of massage today known as Swedish massage has dozens of benefits. With Swedish massage, mental relaxation is achieved, strained muscles are relaxed, blood circulation is accelerated, and the joint spacing is increased. It is also very effective for relieving circulatory problems caused by lactic acid accumulation.

Ayurvedic massage


The Ayurvedic massage that has been practised in India for 5000 years is a mixture of many emotional, spiritual and physical teachings. In this type of massage, people relax physically, emotionally and spiritually. During the massage, the focus is on hands, shoulders, hair bottoms and more.

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu is known to have emerged in China. Shiatsu is based on plant science and acupuncture. It is known that Shiatsu principles were introduced to Japan by a Buddhist Japanese in the 6th century. In the following years, the Japanese blended their traditional teachings with these principles. In the early 1900s, the Japanese Shiatsu massage emerged, and in 1964 it was accepted as an official massage. Fingers are expertly used in Shiatsu. Besides, teachings such as cupping and acupuncture are blended with this massage.

Thai massage

The Thai massage associated with yoga is known to come from Indian culture. It is thought that Bimbisara, Buddha’s personal physician, created the foundations of Thai massage. In this type of massage, limbs and joints have been moved. Principles such as resistance, stretching and pulling is applied skillfully. During the massage, sounds are heard from the bones with correct stretching and movements.

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