Cultural Layers

The 7th Solo Exhibition titled ‘Cultural Layers’ by the artist Şerife Altunbaş will meet art enthusiasts at Pera Palace Hotel.

As a result of artist Şerife Altunbaş’s extensive research spanning many years, with a deep respect for historical texture, she integrates symbols from ancient civilizations that lived in Anatolia for thousands of years, such as mosaics, icons, various forms of objects, and sarcophagi, into her art with a unique technique, preserving the traditional spirit.

The message that the artist wants to convey with the exhibition “Cultural Layers” is to build a bridge through a historical journey spanning from the past to the present, transmitting our existing values to future generations through the universal language of art.

February 6th to March 5th, 2024

Visiting Hours: Monday – Saturday 13:00 – 19:00

Information: [email protected]

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